I wrapped my entire body in tape and achieved 200 wins and overcame the pain of 10 straight losses… A 42-year-old veteran who burst into tears was ‘overwhelmed’

After overcoming a difficult retirement season, he finally achieved his 200th win. Veteran right-handed pitcher Adam Wainwright (42) became the third pitcher in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals to reach 200 wins. He is followed by Bob Gibson (251 wins) and Jesse Haines (210 wins),메이저사이트 who were inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Wainwright started in the home game against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 19th (Korean time) and led St. Louis to a 1-0 victory with a pitching pitch of 7 innings, allowing 4 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, and no runs. The moment when he achieved the feat of achieving his 5th win (11 losses) of the season and 200 wins (128 losses) in his personal career. His highest speed was only 87.6 miles (141.0 km), but he showed off his pitching by mainly hitting sinkers and curveballs as his main weapon. 

Wainwright, a ‘one-club man’ who debuted in the major leagues in 2005 and has been with St. Louis for all 18 seasons until this year, recorded a total of 195 wins as of last year. He declared this year to be his retirement season as he re-signed with St. Louis for a one-year, $17.5 million contract with 5 wins remaining from 200 wins. 

However, after playing for the U.S. team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) before the season, he suffered a groin injury and started on the injured list. Wainwright, who had hit the nail on the head, returned in May, but his velocity was noticeably lower and he was hit hard. In July, he was placed on the injured list again due to shoulder pain. 

After posting his 3rd win of the season and 198th overall win against the New York Mets on June 17, he had the worst days of his career with no wins in 11 games, 10 losses, and an ERA of 10.72. The average ERA soared to the 8-point range (8.19), but St. Louis, whose fall baseball season was frustrated early, continued to give Wainwright the opportunity to start. Wainwright, who broke a 10-game losing streak by allowing 2 runs in 5 innings against the Baltimore Orioles on the 13th and achieved his 199th career win, achieved his first 7 innings of the season and pitched no runs in the match against Milwaukee on this day. 200 wins in 478 games (411 starts) in 18 seasons. 

He is the fifth active pitcher, following Justin Verlander (Houston Astros, 255 wins), Jack Greinke (Kansas City Royals, 224 wins), Max Scherzer (Texas Rangers, 214 wins), and Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers, 209 wins). record. There are not many pitchers who can challenge 200 wins in the future. The active pitchers with the next most wins are Johnny Cueto (Miami Marlins, 144 wins) and Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees, 143 wins), but they are a long way from reaching 200 wins. 

‘The Athletic’ reported, ‘This season, Wainwright was not in good shape on the mound, and there were times when physical pain turned into mental doubt. He endured shoulder pain and eventually ended up on the injured list. At the beginning of the season, his velocity dropped as he lost strength in his legs due to hip pain. He went to the game with his right arm taped, and another day he had his right shoulder taped. He said, “Tonight (the 19th), he went into the game with tape wrapped around his back.” His physical condition was so bad that St. Louis coach Oliver Marmol called him “duct tape.” 

Wainwright also confessed, “This year was like duct tape to me,” and “I thought I would barely get 200 wins.” After losing 10 consecutive games against the Atlanta Braves on the 8th, Wainwright seemed to empty his mind, saying, “200 wins is a great number, and I want to achieve it, but the difference between 198 wins and 200 wins is not that big.” 

However, after winning two consecutive games, he reached the 200-win milestone. After the victory was confirmed, Wainwright, who received a standing ovation from his St. Louis teammates and the home crowd, burst into tears and shed hot tears. “I cried and gasped like a baby. “I don’t know the last time I cried,” said Wainwright. “It was one of the most fun games of my life.” At least for today, I feel like I have become a real pitcher. “I was me tonight with seven scoreless innings and a few hits,” he said. 

Although this year, his retirement season, is poor with 5 wins, 11 losses, and an ERA of 7.40, his 18 seasons in total, 478 games (2,668⅓ innings), 200 wins, 128 losses, 3 saves, an ERA of 3.53, and 2,202 strikeouts are a feat that will be remembered for a long time. Wainwright said, “The harder I worked, the greater the joy. Every time he fell down, he got up again. He is proud of the fact that he has been knocked down several times. He got up again several times. “I was grateful to his family and to my great teammates and coaching staff who always lifted me up.” /waw@osen.co.kr

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