IH government requests Brazilian soccer star Robinho to be sentenced to 9 years in prison

Correspondent Shin Chang-yong = The Italian government requested the execution of the sentence in an official document for Brazilian football star Robinho (39), who was sentenced to 9 years in prison for sex crimes, the ANSA news agency and others reported on the 18th. (local time) reported.

This fact was reported through the Brazilian media Uol. The official document was signed by Italian Justice Minister Carlo Nordio on the 24th of last month and delivered to the Brazilian government through diplomatic channels of the two countries on the 31st of the same month.

The Italian government also demanded the execution of Robinho’s friend Ricardo Falco, who was also convicted.

Robinho was convicted of gang-raping a 23-year-old Albanian woman along with Falco and five other friends in Milan, northern Italy, in January 2013 while playing for AC Milan, an Italian professional football club.

Robinho vehemently denied the allegations through his lawyer. He said on his Instagram, “I did not participate in the sexual assault case,” and “I will take all legal action.”

However, in a text message sent by Robinho to the party after the incident, “I don’t even care. She’s completely drunk. She must have no idea what happened” was accepted as evidence, and he was sentenced to death in the first trial in November 2017. Convicted.

Robinho appealed twice, but the nine-year sentence was finally confirmed by the Supreme Court in January of last year following an appeal trial.

However, the condemnation of Robinho was not made. This is because Robinho returned to his hometown Brazilian team, Santos, in October 2020, and Brazil does not extradite its criminals abroad.

The Italian government turned to asking the Brazilian government to carry out the sentence after the extradition request for Robinho was rejected in September last year. 카지노

In 1999, when he was 15 years old, Robinho, who was noticed by Brazilian soccer emperor Pele and selected for the Santos youth team, made his professional debut at Santos in 2002, and played in European big leagues such as Real Madrid (Spain), Manchester City (England), and AC Milan. ran

Afterwards, he went through Guangzhou Hengda (China), Atletico Mineiro (Brazil), Sivasspor, and Basaksehir (Turkey).

Robinho played for Santos in Brazil before moving to Europe in 2005 to play for Real Madrid (Spain), Manchester City (England) and AC Milan (Italy).

Robinho scored 28 goals in 100 matches for the Brazilian national team. He is the only player to join a century club in the history of Brazilian football.

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