“I’m sorry for the KIA pitchers” Park Dong-won regrets, there is no mistake twice

 Park Dong-won, dressed in LG uniforms from head to toe, from striped pants to ‘glossy jackets’, said after the club’s New Year’s ceremony on the 4th, “I tried it on at home alone and took pictures. I got that excited feeling that I want to wear this uniform and go to the ground as soon as possible,” he said with a smile. He said he was looking forward to the camp, which was less than a month away, and said, “I want to work out with my colleagues soon.”

There is another reason Park Dong-won wants to train with LG players as soon as possible. This is because he does not want to repeat the trial and error he experienced last year when he transferred from his parent team, Kiwoom Heroes, to KIA Tigers. Park Dong-won recalled his last season and confessed, “I’m sorry to the KIA pitchers.”

“I didn’t have enough time to get to know those players. If I knew sooner, we could have done better together… They say you have a high chance of winning when you know and fight. It was a pity that I did. When I contacted my juniors, they said they were sorry a lot.”

Unlike last year, when he had to go to practice right after the trade, there is an adaptation period called spring camp this year. Park Dong-won said, “I think I can prepare a little better now that I have time to get to know the players better and identify their strengths and weaknesses during the spring camp.” These days, I am adapting to the atmosphere naturally while training at Jamsil Stadium before camp. For the spring camp, where preparations will begin in earnest, preparations are also thoroughly conducted.

If necessary, I plan to take over from a ‘predecessor’메이저놀이터. There is also a relationship that works out at the same training center as Yoo Kang-nam, who just moved to Lotte. Park Dong-won said, “I met him once by chance, and he talked well about LG pitchers. If there is anything lacking in my preparation, I have an idea to ask someone who has received it a lot.”

There is another player Park Dong-won believes in and leans on. Heo Do-hwan, whom he had a relationship with during the Nexen days. Park Dong-won said, “(Heo) Do-hwan hyung told me a lot of things in the past. His tone is soft, so nagging doesn’t sound like nagging. It’s a lot of hyungs,” he said.