‘Injured 19 → 6’ The story behind the sharp decline in one year, Hanwha has a secret

The Hanwha Eagles are focusing on preventing injuries.

Spring camp is considered a very important period in injury management. This is because if you get injured in the spring camp, which is the most important period in a season, it will be a big loss to the team and the player himself.

Currently, there are four Hanwha training coaches who participated in the Mesa Camp in Arizona, USA, including senior training coach Lee Ji-pung, Kim Hyung-wook, Kim Yeon-kyu, and Choi Woo-sung.

At camp, coaches are busier than any part of the day. Starting with the first training, weight training, warm-up before training, reinforcement training after training, and treatment after returning to the accommodation.

This is to ensure that the injured do not come out as much as possible and as little as possible.

The number of registered players on the injured list of Hanwha Eagles in the 2021 season was 19. However, in the 2022 season, that number has been reduced to six. The background was there.

Lee Ji-poong, senior training coach, said, “We are focusing on functional training that minimizes the use of machines and strengthens the function of each player’s body part according to their role.” They were able to reduce the number of injuries as they went through the necessary training for each of them.”

If you watch the actual weight training scene of the Hanwha athletes, it is true that the weight training using machines is much higher than the weight training using machines or functional training using simple tools. 먹튀검증

This is because functional training, which can increase athletic ability and reduce injuries by improving coordination and muscle strength through simple yet diverse movements, has become a must-do among athletes.

Training coach Kim Hyung-wook said, “Until this situation was created, our training part spent a lot of time and effort to make the players aware of the importance of self-management through more conversations and communication with the players.” Because there was a lot of guidance on ‘,’ he explained, ‘Now, when you are proceeding in the wrong posture or method, you immediately correct it, and when the players have questions about what kind of training they need, the coach is intensively guiding them.”

Lee Ji-poong, senior training coach, said, “In order to achieve good results in the season, we need to prevent and manage injuries so that core players can play more innings in more games.” “We are praying every day, and we are trying to reduce the number of other injuries that may occur through our training curriculum, because our ultimate goal is to allow more athletes to perform at their full potential.”

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