Irving will continue to work even if he is not traded

It is possible for the Brooklyn Nets to maintain power this season.

According to TNT reporter Chris Haynes, Brooklyn’s ‘Uncle Drew’ Kyrie Irving (guard, 188cm, 88kg) said that regardless of the trade, he will complete the remainder of this season’s schedule.

It’s a natural procedure, but it’s surprising that Irving made such a decision. He said that even if the trade didn’t work out, he would play as long as his contract remained. I doubt he had any respect for the contract before, but it is positive that he has shown a willingness to finish the season well.

Conversely, seeing Irving, and no one else, show this intention, it can be assumed that this trade request is more about putting pressure on the club than really wanting a trade. Even if the trade is actually carried out, what Brooklyn can get is limited, and it is difficult to make hasty decisions right away because the team’s plan must be established along with his move.

Surprisingly, it is possible to maintain power this season as Irving decides to play. Although the team atmosphere was greatly disturbed by the request for a trade, it is possible to continue the challenge of winning this season right now. Lump, if Brooklyn achieves more than reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, it may rather renew the contract with Irving. Of course, the biggest homework is whether he can work with Irving, who requested a trade.

With Irving’s decision to play this season 토토사이트, it’s not unreasonable to spend the season with Kevin Durant. Durant wants to be with Irving. He also requested a trade last summer. With Irving deciding to play this time, it is possible to maintain the one-two punch for at least the remaining schedule after Durant returns from injury.

Irving is the backbone of Brooklyn Power. Behind the fact that they have a number of forwards, led by Durant, Irving plays a role as a ball handler and a main scorer. Ben Simmons is acting as a bridge between the backcourt and the frontcourt, but Irving’s ability to open up an attacking path in the backcourt is really great. As a result, Brooklyn is having a successful season this season.

Meanwhile, Irving wore a Brooklyn uniform last summer of 2019. Brooklyn agreed to a four-year, $136.49 million contract with Irving. A player option is included in the final year of his contract, and this season’s salary was originally classified as an option, but he exercised the option and remained. He’s earning an estimated $37 million in salary this season. He appeared in 143 games in four seasons, including this season.

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