‘Is it major league?’ Auckland only 2,583 spectators – rats in booth

The Oakland team set a record for the least spectator attendance in one major league game this season.

The Oakland Times reported on the 4th that ‘the total number of paying spectators who entered the Oakland-Seattle match held at the Ring Central Coliseum in Oakland, California on the 3rd (Korean time) was 2,583’ on the 4th. The media pointed out that ‘this is less than the average number of spectators per day recorded by single-A to triple-A teams in the minor leagues affiliated with Oakland last year’.

According안전놀이터 to the official Major League Baseball website (MLB.com), only 2,685 spectators visited the stadium for the match between the two teams held at the same place on the following day, the 4th. The number of spectators for the game on the 5th, the last day of the three-game series, was 13,025.

Auckland’s home stadium has often been in trouble due to outdated facilities and poor management, such as rats appearing in the broadcasting booth that was preparing to broadcast the opening game of this season. In addition, as of the 5th, Oakland remains at the bottom of the American League West division with a 6-26 win rate of 0.188 this season. It is also the lowest winning percentage in all major leagues. Oakland gave up all the home series with Seattle on the 3rd to 5th and fell into a three-game losing streak.

The Oakland club reported in a promotional material at the end of last month that it had reached an agreement with the city to build a new openable dome stadium in Las Vegas before the 2027 season. This is because the Coliseum, which is currently used as the home stadium, is too old. The Auckland club discussed the construction of a new stadium with the city of Auckland without moving their hometown, but when they failed to obtain a positive result, they turned to their hometown relocation.

In an interview with the New York Times at the end of last month, Major League Commissioner Rob Lampred also said, “The Oakland club will try to achieve good results by relocating the stadium, and Las Vegas will be an opportunity to generate economic profits by attracting major league clubs. “We expect good results from both sides,” he said positively.

Auckland achieved economic growth on the back of the gold rush in the early 19th century. Because of this, even before 2019, there were major league (Oakland) as well as NBA (Golden State) and NFL (Oakland Raiders) clubs. However, the NBA and NFL teams first moved to San Francisco and Las Vegas for similar reasons, and now the last major league club is preparing to leave.

Meanwhile, the lowest number of spectators in major league history was recorded on September 28, 1882, with just six. It came out during a match between Troy Trojans and Worcesters, both based in New York. At the time, the two teams did not receive much attention from fans because they had announced that they would be leaving the league. The Troy club played four seasons from 1879 to 1882, and the Worcester club played only three seasons from 1880 to 1882 in the National League before disappearing into history.

According to data released by ESPN, an American sports channel, the club that mobilized the most average spectators per game last year was the Los Angeles Dodgers, with a total of 48,655 people visiting the stadium. It was followed by St. Louis (39,678), New York Yankees (38,826), Philadelphia (38,544) and San Diego (37,901). Oakland, with an average attendance of 10,414 last year, ranked last among the 30 major league teams.

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