Is Ronaldo the captain who can’t communicate nonsense? How was the reaction in the Al Nasr locker room?

What if a transfer student who joined during the season took the captain’s armband? This is unimaginable in most professional sports. But if he’s the world’s greatest superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s possible.

British media ‘Express’ reported on the 8th (Korean time) what the atmosphere inside Al-Nassr was like when he handed over the captain’s armband immediately after signing Ronaldo in January.

Al Nasr midfielder Jaroliddin Masharifov said: “It would be a bit strange if someone other than Ronaldo was the captain. We were expecting that.”

He continued: “Our former captain handed over the armband to Ronaldo without any problems. I think this is the best way.”

However, it is unclear whether Ronaldo will be able to play the role of captain practically, not formally.

The captain must be good at communication and must have excellent skills.

Ronaldo, who has played in Europe all his life, can hardly speak Arabic. Performance is also a question mark. After moving to the Saudi Arabia league, Ronaldo digested 3 matches but only scored 1 goal. He scored on neither a field goal nor a penalty kick. 카지노사이트

It is impossible to properly perform the role of captain if one’s own performance does not come out. Immediately, when Ronaldo himself was playing for Manchester United, Harry Maguire, who was the captain at the time, was sluggish, and he caused a stir, saying that he should change his captaincy.

Another colleague, Luis Gustavo, confessed that with the arrival of Ronaldo, the opponents’ checks became more severe.

“Cristiano’s existence definitely makes it difficult for us, because the teams against him resist as hard as they can. He motivates everyone,” said Gustavo.

Gustavo continued: “His presence at Al Nasr is huge both technically and physically. Ronaldo is very talented. We learn from him every day. He was born to take on challenges. He has always succeeded. He is here to stay.” Everyone is waiting for what he has to offer.”

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