‘Is the return of the national setter in vain?’ KB Insurance, a necessary condition for a rebound

Professional volleyball men’s KB Insurance failed to follow the momentum of national setter Hwang Taek-eui (190cm) returning.

KB Insurance lost 1-3 to Hyundai Capital in the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 season V-League’ held at Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do on the 12th. They were evenly matched until the 2nd set, but it was virtually a complete defeat with only 16 and 20 points in the 3rd and 4th sets, respectively.

On the 6th, KB Insurance completely defeated Woori Card 3-0, repaying the 0-3 defeat on the 3rd. In particular, it was encouraging that the main setter, Hwang Taek-eui, returned after about a month from injury and led the team to victory with stable ball distribution. The foreign main gun Viyena, who worked with Hwang Taek-eui for the first time, also scored 25 points, the highest for both teams, and the attack success rate reached 60%.

Coach Hu In-jeong said with a satisfied expression after the game, “With Hwang Taek-eui in, I found a sense of stability in the ball distribution, and the strikers were able to attack comfortably.” Hwang Taek-eui and Viyena also expressed satisfaction with the victory and emphasized, “If we match more in the future, we will show a good appearance.”

However, on this day, KB Insurance was different from Woori Card and the game. On this day, KB Insurance’s attack success rate slightly exceeded 45%, showing a significant difference from Hyundai Capital, which reached 57%. Viyena also barely exceeded the attack success rate of 43% and stayed at 18 points.

The serve receive was a problem. Since the receive was shaking, it was difficult to connect with a good toss, even Hwang Taek-eui. On this day, KB Insurance was greatly pushed 21 to 35 in accurate receiving. As the attacks predicted by the opposing blockers unfolded, Viyena’s spikes took several turns. On this day, Choi Min-ho, the middle blocker of Hyundai Capital, recorded his highest number of 9 blocks in one game.

Outside hitter Hwang Gyeong-min’s 20 receives were accurate, while 3 were accurate, while Han Seong-jeong only received 2 out of 10. Fortunately, Hong Seong-hyuk connected 10 out of 27 with accurate receiving. Still, Hwang Kyung-min scored 16 points for an attack success rate of 64.71%, and Hong Seong-hyeok also played an active part in the attack with 10 points for 71.43%. Han Seong-jeong stayed at 3 points, falling below 43%.

Coach Hu said after the game, “If the receive is to a certain extent, our setter can shake and remove the opponent’s blocking because of Hwang Taek-ui,” and said, “However, if the receive is shaken and three opponent blockers come, it is a burden no matter who comes.” He then emphasized again that “receiving is the key.”

Players were also asked to do their best. Coach Hu praised, “I try to make the players as comfortable as possible, but Hwang Gyeong-min fits well with that style, and because he works hard, his skills are gradually coming out, so he did his part today.” At the same time, he pointed out, “Han Seong-jeong has to show a little more in the attack, but it’s a pity.” Coach Hu then emphasized, “I use Hong Sang-hyeok instead, but I have to show better performance.”

Still, KB Insurance runs second in receiving efficiency this season (6.28). There is a considerable gap with Hyundai Capital, which ranks first (7.77), but it is still a basis for expecting a stable toss from Hwang Taek-eui. 먹튀검증

Last season’s runner-up, KB Insurance, is struggling this season as ace Keita left overseas. Domestic players have to give their strength in a situation where they have gone through twists and turns, such as the replacement of foreign players and the injury of Hwang Taek-eui. It remains to be seen whether the receive line that will save Hwang Taek-eui, the national setter, will be able to support it.

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