“It will be a good opportunity” for the women’s soccer team to take a mock test for the World Cup with European teams

Jang Seul-gi and Kang Chae-rim of the Korean women’s national soccer team (above Incheon Hyundai Steel) said, “It will be a good opportunity to play against strong teams” ahead of the friendly competition in England, which is a mock test for the ‘2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup’ in July. revealed

The national team, led by national team coach Colin Bell, will start with England, the host country, and then play against Belgium (19th) and Italy (22nd) in turn in the Arnold Clark Cup, a four-nation friendly competition to be held on the 16th (local time). . The national team headed to England on the 10th to participate in the competition after completing the first convocation training of the new year in Ulsan on the 30th of last month.

Coach Bell sees the Arnold Clark Cup as a mock test to prepare for the World Cup and plans to check the strength of our players. Korea faces Colombia, Morocco and Germany in the group stage (Group H) of this World Cup.

Jang Seul-gi told the Korea Football Association how he felt about participating in the Arnold Clark Cup. He said, “Of course, there will be many difficult parts because of the modifier ‘strong team’, but I think a confrontation with a strong team ahead of the World Cup will be of great help to our team.” He continued, “I am most worried about the physical part, but this is also an experience, so all players will play with determination to overcome.” 바카라

Also, Jang Seul-gi expressed confidence in participating in this tournament, saying, “I think it’s an opportunity to show the strong team what kind of team Korea is.”

Kang Chae-rim also said, “It’s a good opportunity ahead of the World Cup,” ahead of confrontation with strong teams such as England, Italy, and Belgium. He continued, “We are in a position to take on challenges, but if we show confidence and not be intimidated, good results will come out.”

Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), who missed the call due to an ankle injury last year, and Lee Geum-min and Park Ye-eun (Brighton), who play in England, joined this tournament. However, Cho So-hyun (Tottenham), Lee Young-joo (Madrid), and Lee Min-ah (Incheon Hyundai Steel) were not together due to injuries.

Jang Seul-gi regretted the absence of three players, including Cho So-hyun. He emphasized, “There are so many good players who are currently absent, but we are training and doing our best so that their absence is not felt.”

Kang Chae-rim also revealed his determination to face this World Cup. Kang Chae-rim said, “I think I focused on the things I wanted to do rather than any role as the youngest in the last World Cup.” I will make sure to get it,” he said.

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