Japan, ‘Complete’ dinner party with Boston Yoshida… Ohtani “Let’s do our best”

Reporter Kwon Hyeok-joon = The
Japanese national team, which was united as a ‘complete group’, gathered together and made a resolution ahead of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) sortie.

Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels) and Darvish Yu (San Diego) posted photos of the Japanese team having a dinner on their personal SNS on the night of the 5th.

On this day, Masataka Yoshida (Boston) first joined, and it seems that the team gathered after self-training centered on big leaguers.

Japan convened the national team from the 17th of last month, but the rest of the big leaguers except Darvish joined sequentially depending on team circumstances. 먹튀검증

Ohtani, the core of the Japanese team, and Lars Nutba (St. Louis), who are of Japanese descent, joined the national team on the 3rd, including Daisei Makihara (Softbank) and Yoshida, who were selected as replacements for Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), who left due to injury. All 30 people came together this year.

Ohtani also encouraged cheering by saying, “Our fans, let’s do our best together.” In response, he wrote ‘Kyodai (brother of brother)’ in the comment of Nutba, conveying his firm determination. Coach Hideki Kuriyama, who leads the national team, said, “It would have been nice if the team had been completed earlier, but there was an unavoidable obstacle.”

Yoshida, who finally joined the national team, said in an interview with Japanese reporters, “I’ve been preparing my body for the goal since the United States. I’m definitely ready to play.” said.

Japan, which was drawn in Group B along with Korea, China, the Czech Republic, and Australia in the WBC, will have official evaluation matches against the Hanshin Tigers on the 6th and the Orix Buffaloes on the 7th to prepare for the final round.

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