Japanese coach humbled even in the big win “Korea is a strong team… I desperately tried to win”

Japanese baseball team coach Hideki Kuriyama, who 토토사이트 defeated Korea at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), was not excited. Rather, it was clear that they were wary that the team might be excited by the unexpected victory.

The Korean baseball team suffered a 3-14 loss to Japan in the second game of the first round of the WBC Group B held at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on the 10th.

After the game, Japanese coach Kuriyama humbly said, “The difference in points was widened in the end, but it was a game that could go either way,” and “I continued to feel the difficulties of baseball.” He continued, “Korea is a strong team, so I desperately tried to win, but I was lucky to score immediately after conceding.”

In fact, it was not a smooth game for Japan. Starter Darvish Yu (San Diego), whom he trusted, gave up three runs first in the top of the third inning, exposing his uneasy appearance. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, if he hadn’t scored 4 right away, the flow could have completely turned to Korea.

Coach Kuriyama encouraged Darvish by saying, “Even a good pitcher sometimes loses runs,” and then praised, “Imanaga Shota (Yokohama DeNA), who came out as the second pitcher, went up in a difficult situation under pressure, but gave a really good pitch.” did. In addition, he added, “Today, we played baseball that won with pitching power, which is a characteristic of Japanese baseball,” and added, “The pitchers did really well.”

He also spared no praise for Lars Nutba (St. Louis Cardinals), who is a Japanese-American player and will be the first hitter for the Japanese national team in this tournament. In the game against Korea, Nutba swung a hard hit with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 1 RBI, and 2 points. In the defense at the beginning of the 5th inning, 1 company and 1st base Kim Ha-seong diving catched a hit ball, receiving great applause from Japanese fans.

Director Kuriyama commented, “Everyone will feel it even if I don’t explain about Nutba.”

Japan, which is about to advance to the quarterfinals with two wins, will play the third match of the first round against the Czech Republic on the 12th. Japan predicted right-hander Sasaki Rocky (Chiba Lotte), who can throw a fastball of up to 160 km, as a starting pitcher against the Czech Republic. Coach Kuriyama said, “Sasaki’s current condition is very good,” and expected, “He will throw well in the match against the Czech Republic.”

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