KB coach Kim Wan-soo, Park Ji-soo’s second departure of the season, “I’m confused too”

“I am honestly confused too. Even when Park Ji-soo wasn’t there, I thought about coming in, and I was trying to fit within that framework, but it disappeared again.”

Kim Wan-soo, head coach of Cheongju KB Stars, a women’s professional basketball team, complained that it was difficult to manage the game after losing the match against Asan Woori Bank on the 5th, with Ji-soo Park, the national center, out of the season.

Park Ji-soo has been leading the team’s attack with stable under-the-goal play as well as high-quality passes comparable to that of a point guard. After leaving due to panic disorder in the first half of the season and returning in the second half, the team won 4 consecutive wins and saw hope of advancing to the playoffs. However, it was even more difficult for them to enter the top 4 as they lost the game on the 5th after Park Ji-soo had to leave due to a finger injury following the last place Hana 1 Q on the 1st.

Park Ji-soo’s power loss is more than just the loss of one player. This is because the team’s tactics are built around him. KB, which used a 1-3-1 regional defense with the return of Park Ji-soo, responded with a man-to-man defense in the game on the 5th. Regarding the existing regional defense tactic, Coach Kim explained, “I used it because of Ji-soo Park’s physical strength.

What coach Kim was more concerned about than defense was offense. He said, “Even when Park Ji-soo was not there, the players followed the instructions well in the defensive part.” said. 먹튀검증

Coach Kim asked for confidence in attacking while boldly appointing younger players, including Lim Yi-seo, who recovered from an injury in the match against Woori Bank on the 5th. However, even this was not possible due to the absence of Park Ji-soo, who would surely be responsible for the shot below the goal and the rebound. KB was dragged around throughout the game, losing to Woori Bank in field goal success rate (34%-43%) and rebounds (30-38).

The lack of experience of young players is also a weakness. Coach Kim said that it was a harvest to not be intimidated by the opponent’s ‘national team’ lineup and to play head-to-head, but said, “It is regrettable that the players lost easy scoring opportunities in the third quarter due to lack of experience.” As Park Ji-soo, who has been playing a pivotal role in the team, is out for the season, the shoulders of other veteran players such as Kang I-seul have become heavier.

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