KIA, 6 innings, 6 points, big innings… ‘Sajik Karaoke’ put to rest

Professional baseball KIA took a breather by defeating Lotte, who was aiming for a’sweep’ in three consecutive matches, with the good pitching of left-handed starter Lee Eui-ri (21).

On the 4th, KIA defeated Lotte 6-0 at Sajik Stadium in Busan, which was filled with 10,000 spectators, and quieted Lotte’s momentum, which was trying to win three consecutive victories.토토사이트

Lee Eui-ri laid the foundation for victory. Eui-ri Lee, who throws the ball at a speed of 150 km/h, often had his pitch shake this season. In particular, in the match against Hanwha on the 25th of last month, after sending lead batter Roh Si-hwan out for a walk, the first pitch thrown to Kim In-hwan hit the helmet directly and was sent off.

Five days later, Eui-ri Lee, who recovered his confidence by winning his 4th win (3rd loss) with 5 innings, 11 strikeouts and 1 run against KT, continued a difficult match as he did not get a zero score against the Lotte lineup that day, but did not collapse. He allowed Hwang Seong-bin to walk in the first inning and struck out Yun Dong-hee. He gave another walk to follow-up hitter Jeon Jun-woo, but after Hwang Seong-bin failed to steal bases, Ahn Chi-hong was treated as a fly by center fielder, overcoming the self-inflicted crisis.

The crisis came again in the 5th inning when the 0-0 tight match continued. Eui-ri Lee gave consecutive walks to lead hitters Kang-nam Yoo and Min-seok Kim, and Hwang Seong-bin’s sacrifice bunt drove them to 1 out 2 and 3 base. Lee Eui-ri, however, overcame the last-minute crisis by striking out Yoon Dong-hee and Jeon Jun-woo with a strikeout and first baseman fly, and was replaced by Lim Ki-young after completing five innings. Eui-ri Lee threw 104 pitches that day, including 63 fastballs with a maximum speed of 153km per hour, slider (26 pitches), curve (11 pitches), and changeup (4 pitches).

The batter took over the baton of victory. The batting line, which had been blocked by Lotte starter Han Hyun-hee until the 5th inning and was silent, began to emit fire in the 6th inning. Leading batsman Ko Jong-wook and Socrates Brito scored consecutive doubles and scored the first run. Lotte hurriedly posted reliever Kim Jin-wook, but Choi Hyung-woo’s timely hit came out and called Socrates home. In addition, KIA, who was in the order of hitters, with Lee Woo-sung scoring two RBIs and a timely double, ran away with 6-0 by taking the 6th inning as a ‘big inning’.

Lim Ki-young, who kept the mound from the 6th inning, also shined. He gave up only 2 hits in 3 innings until the 8th inning, and with no walks and 2 strikeouts, overwhelmed the Lotte batting line with no runs. Kim Yu-shin, who took the mound in the ninth inning as a finisher, also finished the innings without conceding a run and kept the team’s victory.

Lotte, who challenged the 30-win high with the series ‘Sweep’, regretted the silence of the other line that failed to take advantage of scoring opportunities. All seats (22,990 seats) at Sajik Stadium were sold out for two days in a row following the previous day, continuing the hot baseball fever.

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