Kim Yu-jin, the ‘hawk’s eye’ discovered by Yang Hyeon-joon, “I will make it again” First step as a leader

Reporter Lee Hyun-min = The teachers of Yang Hyeon-jun (20, Gangwon FC), who is mentioned as the next-generation star of Korean football beyond the K-League, jumped into training in earnest.

Yang Hyeon-joon played 36 K-League games last season, scoring 8 goals and 4 assists, leading Gangwon (K-League 1 6th) to a blast. He wore a K-League All-Star uniform and showed his presence in a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur, where Son Heung-min belongs. He suddenly rose to stardom and enjoyed the double congratulations of wearing the Taegeuk mark. He plays on the ground wearing the same number ‘7’ as his role model Son Heung-min in Gangwon this season.

The two teachers who discovered and helped Yang Hyeon-jun grow took on a new challenge to find the ‘second Yang Hyeon-jun’.

Yang Hyeon-jun was unknown until he entered Gangwon. The one who has been keeping an eye on him since childhood is Kim Yu-jin (39), who is currently in charge of Shin High School in Gyeongju.

Director Kim Yu-jin served as a Gangwon scout until last year. Yang Hyeon-joon fell in love at first sight when he was a student at Dongbu Middle School in Geoje, and he grew up through constant interest and advice.

Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha, who is currently working with coach Yu-Jin Kim, is Yang Hyeon-Jun’s middle and high school teacher. Yang Hyun-joon received the Young Player Award at the K League 1 Awards Ceremony last year and publicly left a greeting saying, “Thank you for the hard work and teachings of Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha.”

Director Kim Yu-jin, who made Yang Hyeon-jun, and head coach Woo-ram Cha came together. He dreams of flying as a leader in Shingo.

Manager Kim Yu-jin was a central defender equipped with physicality and brilliant brain play during his active career. Especially at that time, he was a rare defender with good feet. He stepped onto the K-League stage through Suwon Samsung and finished his military service in the National Police Agency soccer team. Since then, he has experienced Asian stages such as Korea, China, Japan and Thailand, including Busan I-Park, Sagandos (Japan), Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan), Liaoning Hongwon (China), Bangkok United (Thailand), and Muangtong United (Thailand). From 2019 to last year, he was in charge of scouting in Gangwon Province and started excavating boulders, and took his first step as a leader in January of this year.

When coach Kim Yu-jin appeared in the transfer market this winter, many K-League teams offered coaching and scouting positions. He headed to Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. Shinrago has been gradually solidifying its position by producing pros such as Kim Hae-seung (Gangwon) and Park Han-gyeol (Jeonnam Dragons).

■ “One month as coach, long way to go, but goal to win within three years

Coach Yujin Kim said, “Actually, I got a call from a place that was more convenient and better than now, so I chose Shinrago. The reason is for the challenge. Principal Shingo, who has a lot of love for soccer, also influenced my decision. Now he has been in charge of the team for a month. (Yang) I asked Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha, who had been with Hyun-Jun, to join us here, and he readily accepted. Under the guidance of coach Kim Byeong-soo (former Gangwon) during his active career, the strange coach who played a major role in winning four crowns, and the goalkeeper coach Kim Chang-yong, whom I met while receiving B-level coaching training, were made into our Shinrago team.”

After taking the baton of Shinrago, manager Kim Yu-jin worked hard to improve the stagnant team style and atmosphere. He retains players who fit his soccer philosophy of ‘faith’ and has also transfused blood from the outside. Currently, there are 22 members of the soccer team.

He said, “Coldly, the current power is weak. About 14 people left the team before I took charge of Shinrago. Parents were worried. I persuaded myself. We talked about our vision, and the coaching staff to be with us was quickly selected. I opened the door of my heart and had a conversation with my parents. Opinions were collected, and even now, meetings are held from time to time. The children are happy with the atmosphere that is different from before,” he said. “Now a new team has been created, and there is still a long way to go. Instead, I made sure to tell my parents. Rather than doing well right now, I will work harder and play soccer that I can enjoy while doing well. It’s bound to be a sensitive time. I am standing at a crossroads between going to college or going pro. Of course, sexuality is also important. However, in the next two or three years, I want to make it bloom as a soccer player.”

He continued, “Until now, practice games were lacking. So, as soon as I arrived, I set up a practice game with teams from prestigious soccer universities in the metropolitan area. Even if you score 5 or 6 goals, you should try to hit them. At first, I was intimidated, but as I played the game, I gained confidence and trust in each other. Me and the coaches are moving fast, widening our feet, and caring about each child one by one. In the future, I plan to select new students myself. I can’t wait to see what kind of team these players will become when they enter their senior year. After a period of development and maturation, flowers bloom in the third year. If they know that our team is a ‘good team’, they will try to come to each other. The goal is to win the national championship within three years,” he said, drawing a bright tomorrow.

■ Like coach Kim Byung-soo who is crazy about football… “Only thinking about football”

Coach Kim Yu-jin’s role model is coach Kim Byung-soo, who produced numerous ‘Yeongnam Daesan’ that he believes and writes during his time at Yeungnam University. He met as a coach and scout in Gangwon and shared each other’s opinions. Coach Kim Byung-soo directed Seoul E-Land and Gangwon in the pro. When he was in Gangwon, he showed off a soccer style called ‘Byeongsu Ball’.

“I met 10 coaches during my 15 years of professional life, and when I practice, I can know the coach’s ability and philosophy. separate from sexuality. Coach Kim Byung-soo always thinks a lot about how to guide and teach the players, and he has knowledge that no one can surpass in terms of football. He really loves football. He watches football all night, fiddles with the tactical board, and carries paper with him when he goes to the bathroom. You think about unexpected variables and details. Players who have played with the coach fall in love. Above all, the direction of football is certain. This is the reason I respect it,” he said. “At first, players complain that it is difficult to die. But when I did it, I thought, ‘Huh!? I feel like this is happening. comes fresh There are very few coaches who lead directly like this. He exercises and manages the players and always researches football-wise, he is a person who is not left out no matter where he is presented. When I was scouting for Gangwon, there was a player who said, ‘I want to come even if I get 100 million won less’. It gives the players freedom and makes them think only of football when they play football. It was fresh and surprising from my point of view. So that our children can also study soccer, sometimes giving homework. In that way, I will develop more tomorrow than now, a month from tomorrow, and next year,” he said, vowing to combine coach Kim Byung-soo’s teachings with his soccer philosophy.

■ “Yang Hyun-Jun, there is a reason for his performance against Tottenham… the result of playing and practicing a lot”

There is a player who is fascinated by coach Kim Byung-soo, who is a ‘soccer genius’ as a player and a ‘tactical genius’ as a coach, and that is Yang Hyun-joon. It is said that he told manager Kim Yu-jin (Gangwon scout at the time), “Raise him well and bring him back.” Yang Hyeon-joon, who was held in the arms of director Kim Byung-soo, grew day by day. With the addition of tutoring by Choi Yong-soo, the current head coach of Gangwon, it became sharper. Last year, he scolded Tottenham.

In the transfer market this winter, an American MLS team made an official recruitment offer for Yang Hyun-jun for 3 million dollars (3.9 billion won). Besides this, many teams drool. but remained. Gangwon doubled Yang Hyun-joon’s annual salary. Unfortunately, I was caught up in the salary cap. Considering his performance so far, his current value, and his future, it is an insufficient amount.

Director Kim Yu-jin of ‘Eye of the Eagle’ is proud to see Yang Hyun-joon’s value recognized and growing day by day. He said, “The first time I saw Hyun-joon was in the second year of middle school. He remembers it was when he played against Gwangyang Jecheol Middle School. He has been watching since then. He was going to go to a professional youth team in high school, but he advised me, ‘You should go to a team where you can play a lot since your first year of high school’. So he went to Busan Information High School,” he confessed.

He continued, “Hyunjunie believed in me. Thank you. When coach Kim Byeong-soo was at E-Land in Seoul, he told me, ‘Raise me well and bring me back as a professional’. That’s how I ended up wearing the Gangwon uniform. From the moment he joined, he was very sincere. I’m doing better now,” he said with satisfaction, “I always get calls these days. I am really close with Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha. Hyun-Jun spares no support for his juniors who play soccer. He sends his jerseys and football equipment. During his break, he takes time to play short games with the children and exercise with them,” he also revealed.

The match against Tottenham is one of the most memorable scenes in Yang Hyun-joon’s life. It is still talked about among many football fans. Director Kim Yu-jin was also amazing enough to make your mouth drop open. 온라인카지노

He said, “Actually, I thought Hyun-joon needed more time. However, it was two or three stages, both my confidence and skills improved faster than expected. Regardless of whether he is good at soccer or not, his basic personality is the best. He always thinks a lot about what to do in this situation,” he said. When these children gain confidence and do well, they grow up terribly. It is thanks to the well-taught coach Cha Woo-ram,” he said, passing the ball to his right arm.

■ “The goal is to discover the second Yang Hyeon-jun”

Director Kim Yu-jin was not a big star when he was active. However, he is living a second soccer life based on the experiences he has experienced through various stages and the teachings of his teachers. He is determined to ‘ignite a fighting spirit so that my strengths and know-how become the blood and flesh of our disciples’, even though ‘there are still many things lacking as a leader’.

“When I was a player, I was abroad longer than in Korea. His original position was an orthodox striker, but he switched to a central defender after he turned professional. I’ve heard a lot of people say that I’m good at kicking the ball with skill (laughs). When defending, it was not the style of just kicking the ball out of danger and then blindly bumping into it with your body. Sometimes when I think back to the past, while I was playing soccer, most domestic coaches told me, ‘Don’t handle the ball, just hit it with your body’. However, even at that time, it was not overseas. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a foreign player, but he always led. When the central defender goes up and releases them, he releases them, and when he connects the ball, his teammates feel comfortable. Rather, it seems that overseas was more suitable than domestic. Directors in Japan, China, and Thailand praised me a lot. To be honest, overseas was more comfortable than domestic. I think there were more coaches in Korea who didn’t like build-up.”

Football keeps changing and evolving. It should not move to a fixed space like a piece on a chessboard. Modern soccer must be supported by creativity. Only then can players demonstrate their skills and this is maximized as individual ability and team power.

“What I felt while directly coaching the players was 70-80% confidence. Above all, make fewer mistakes. If you make five mistakes, reduce it to three. In order to do that, you need to have physical strength and focus. We always give feedback to our children. Be confident in every moment. The children who were intimidated gradually gained confidence. When I first came, I was surprised because he only kicked me. We are constantly working to change. you have to do it to know During practice, I let loose with plenty of passes. Leaders say that if you go to a match or competition, hit it in the space. Practice must be put into practice. It develops through mistakes. The present is important, but the future is even more important. Later, when the children look back, they say, ‘How did our coach guide us? He was such a coach. So, I want to become a coach who is recognized by my students so that I can think, ‘I went to college and went to pro and told me to do this in advance.’”

Finally I asked him. What style of football will you play? When asked if he would refer to the ‘Byungsoo Ball’ he respected, director Kim Yujin waved his hand and said, “Ugh, how can I follow director Kim Byungsoo? I plan to visit you after this tournament (laughs). Personally, the style I pursue is FC Barcelona rather than Real Madrid. It is build-up soccer through linked play. When children own the ball and handle it well, they are happier and less strained. Of course, there is a clear difference between ideal and reality. Rather than being stuck in a rut, be confident even if you are taken away, and have fun rather than doing well. I want to share each other’s feelings like sharing a ball.” I have no intention of pursuing such a thing. How do players trust and follow me? Mutual trust is important. Leaders must bring out the capabilities of individual players. Some flowers bloom early, while others bloom late. Understanding soccer and trust and trust between teachers and students are more important than immediate skills. There is one goal. I promised to discover the second Yang Hyeon-joon.”

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