‘Lazy Genius’ Cyril Garne. Less training, but prepared differently against Jon Jones – UFC Heavyweight

After losing to Ngannou, the evaluation of Gane changed a bit. They said there was a limit because there was not one room. It was true that she had a lot of judging for a heavyweight.

He has been evaluated as a genius fighter, skillfully cooking heavyweight sluggers such as Derrick Lewis, but he was judged three times out of six UFC fights.

But in September of last year, Tuivas was overshadowed by a 3-time KO, and he was dropped as former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ first heavyweight opponent.

It ‘s Jones’ first time in the octagon in over three years and his first time at heavyweight. Still, Jon Jones is the top dog. It’s a bad prospect for Cyril Gane, but he said ‘it could be enough’ but ‘the result will be different’.

In a recent interview with a French media outlet, he revealed that he would ‘prepare with no regrets’.

“I like grappling. But I’m lazy. That’s true, but regrettable. I started training after the fight was announced. It was the same during the fight with Tuivas, and I went on a break right after the fight was over.” 카지노사이트

However, unlike other times, the break ended early as rumors of a confrontation with Jon Jones came out. I didn’t train for a while after the match against Tuivas, but I started preparing right away.

An aide to Gane revealed that “The match against Jones will be a match in which Gane prepares the most to advance to the Octagon.”

Gane is a fast-growing heavyweight top speedman. After 5 straight UFC wins, he challenged Francis Ngannou for the title, but lost by decision. He wasn’t bad at fighting, but when he met a strong opponent, he flinched and was devalued.

Gane is determined to overturn that evaluation and is determined to show a different side of himself in the fight against Jones.

On March 5, at UFC 285, Gane will battle Jon Jones for the heavyweight title, which Ngannou returned when he left the UFC.

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