Lee Jae-do’s praise for his juniors “Yang Jun-seok is a guard who will represent KBL”

 Lee Jae-do presented Yang Jun-seok with rave reviews, saying, “The player who will represent KBL.”

Changwon LG guard Lee Jae-do (31, 180 cm) led the team’s victory with 13 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball game against Goyang Carrot held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 17th. Thanks to Lee Jae-do’s performance, LG defeated Carrot 85-68.

Lee Jae-do said, “It was the last game before the break, and I am happy to win with good performance. It was a win that all players worked hard for. I think he will be able to enjoy a pleasant break,” he said of his victory.

Lee Jae-do, who scored 13 points in the first half alone, widened the gap through quick attacks and drive-ins whenever he was pursued by the opponent. LG, who escaped from Lee Jae-do’s performance, mainly employed Yang Jun-seok, the ‘first-ranked rookie’ in the second half, and Yang Jun-seok shone with 10 points and 4 assists, meeting expectations.

In response, Lee Jae-do said, “I think it was a game that Yang Jun-seok played more than a vital role. While watching the game today (17th), I felt that he was a friend with a lot to learn from the same position. In particular, there are many evaluations that the team’s player base has become thicker these days, but it seems that one person has emerged from the guard.” 스포츠토토

“Actually, when I was running, there were many cases where I had to take charge of ball handling and reading. However, he felt comfortable playing with (Yang) Jun-seok, and felt the burden lessened. He doesn’t have the luxury of seeing everything on the court as he dribbles. He seems to be lacking even if he plays 7-8 years in the pros (laughs). I think that part of Junseok is innate. As he gains experience, he will become a player representing KBL as well as the team.”

Yang Jun-seok, who was also selected as the Distinguished Player, smiled broadly even though he was embarrassed by Lee Jae-do’s praise. Yang Jun-seok said, “I also have a lot to learn from (Lee) Jae-do hyung. He takes care of his body and has a lot of things to imitate,” he replied, creating a warm atmosphere in the interview room.

Under director Cho Sang-hyun’s active rotation system, the Lee Jae-do-Yang Jun-seok combination will become another option. It is worth paying attention to whether he can show off his tiki-taka (?) at the press conference on the court as well.

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