Lee Jung-hoo signs a contract with ‘Super Agent’ Boras

Lee Jung-hoo, a KBO league star who is aiming to advance to the major leagues after this season, is called the ‘super agent’. I joined hands with Scott Boras.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Today (25th) Lee Jung-hoo, who is currently training himself near Los Angeles, signed a contract with Major League agent Boras.

Lee Jung-hoo, who is planning to advance to the US through the posting system after this season, received offers from several famous agents, and eventually chose Boras.

Boras also posted a welcome message on social media, revealing a picture taken with Lee Jung-hoo, his father, coach Lee Jong-beom, and his mother.

Boras, who is famous for his tactic of maximizing ransom by inducing ‘infinite competition’ among clubs, has exceeded $1 billion in contracts with superstars such as Xander Bogatz and Carlos Correa this winter alone. 먹튀검증

He also has a lot of connections with Korean major leaguers.

He signed large-scale contracts with Park Chan-ho, Ryu Hyun-jin, and Choo Shin-soo, and recently signed fastball prospect Shim Jun-seok to Pittsburgh.

Japan’s national outfielder Yoshida, who is compared to Lee Jung-hoo, joined Boston last month and received a huge amount that exceeded expectations of 90 million dollars in 5 years and 110 billion won in our money.

Lee Jung-hoo, who has been preparing for the big leagues in earnest, will have a showcase stage to advance to the major leagues at the WBC in March.

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