‘Legend’ Shinhwa-yong returns to Suwon Samsung, fosters ‘Maetan Boys’ in charge of youth GK!

 ‘Legend’ Shinhwa-yong (40) returns to Suwon Samsung. He joins the Suwon youth team as the general goalkeeper coach.

The mythical dragon is a legend that needs no explanation. He entered the professional league in 2004 and played an active role as a K-League representative goalkeeper. Wearing the uniform of Pohang Steelers until 2016, K-League regular league 2 times (2007 2013), Korea Football Association (FA) Cup 3 times (2008 2012 2013), League Cup (2009), Asia Champions League (2009) etc. experienced victory. Shin Hwa-yong moved to Suwon in 2017 and continued his history. In the quarterfinals of the ACL against Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2018, he put on a ‘spiritual saving show’, blocking penalty kicks and penalty kicks three times. He left a deep impression on his Suwon fans by presenting his bracelet with the phrase ‘Don’t worry, be excited’ in commemoration of his 300th appearance in the K-League. He recorded 337 K-League matches and 419 professional matches.

On May 1, 2021, Shinhwa-yong, who wrote his impressions on the ground, held an official retirement ceremony at ‘Big Bird’ (the nickname of Samsung’s home stadium in Suwon). After his retirement, he walked out on his ‘second football life’ as his coach. He gained experience last year as a coach for Ansan Greeners, a member of the K-League 2 먹튀검증.

Coach Shin has now moved to Suwon to foster juniors. As a goalkeeper general coach for the youth team, he plans to establish systematic training techniques to develop young players into professionals.

Expectations are high. Suwon is known to have made a ‘three highs and lows’ to recruit a new coach. It seems that he highly valued the skills needed to discover and develop young players, as well as the ability to communicate. Coach Shin is also said to have expressed his will to foster Suwon’s ‘Maetan Boys’. Suwon’s youth system discovered Jung Sang-bin (Grasshofer, Switzerland) and Oh Hyeon-gyu (Celtic, Scotland) to advance into Europe. Coach Shin is known to have expressed his will to foster European goalkeepers from Suwon youth.

On the other hand, Coach Shin joins the youth field training in Changnyeom, Gyeongsangnam-do on February 1st and starts raising the ‘Maetan Boys’ in earnest.

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