LG, who spends a cruel April, excludes Oh Ji-hwan from the entry… Shortstop annihilation

 It is a cruel April. Injuries to key players are occurring one after another, but the shortstop position is especially so. Son Ho-young, who was dropped as the second shortstop, Kim Joo-seong, and starting shortstop and captain Oh Ji-hwan also left. LG plays the game without a professional shortstop.

Oh Ji-hwan felt discomfort in his side during batting practice메이저사이트 before the match against Samsung on the 7th. Following on from the previous day, he was pulled out of the lineup after feeling an abnormality in his side again. He had an MRI scan right away, and the scan showed microscopic damage to his side oblique muscle. An official from the LG club said, “It is a diagnosis that requires more than two weeks for treatment and recovery.” Oh Ji-hwan is expected to be excluded from the entry on the 8th.

As a result, all three shortstops that were planned to be used in the first team withdrew. Son Ho-young, who was planning to back up Oh Ji-hwan as a multi-infielder and shortstop, missed due to an injury during the exhibition game. After Son Ho-young left, Kim Joo-sung joined, and Kim Joo-sung said that he suffered a small injury after going down to the second group on the 5th. And on this day, Oh Ji-hwan was away for at least two weeks, and the shortstop was wiped out.

First of all, LG played the card of veteran infielder Kim Min-seong. In the game against Samsung on the 7th, Kim Min-seong played as the 7th hitter and shortstop. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “Min-seong’s shortstop trip was not in the plan. Unless it’s a situation like today, I don’t want to use Minseong as a shortstop. Still, since Minseong is a player who is good at basic defense, I don’t think he will be shaken in today’s game.”

In addition to the shortstop resource, LG is missing Lee Jae-won, who was selected as the starting first baseman, and Ko Woo-seok, the finishing pitcher, due to injuries. Lee Jae-won suffered a total of two side injuries, once each during camp and demonstration games.

Go Woo-seok, who participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, withdrew due to shoulder inflammation in the evaluation match with the WBC in front. Ko Woo-seok plans to start live pitching in the 2nd team on the 8th, then return to the 2nd team next week and the 1st team next weekend.

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