Like Son Heung-min… another unexpected scorer’s sluggishness

Mohamed Salah’s recent performance is worrying.

Liverpool failed to decide the match 0-0 in the 21st round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season against Chelsea held at Anfield in Liverpool, England on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time). With this draw, Liverpool couldn’t close the gap with the top four.

Liverpool drew against Chelsea, but if you look at the content of the match, they were defeated by Chelsea. It was Chelsea who had the lead in the game, and it was Chelsea who had many good chances. There are many reasons why Liverpool haven’t been doing well lately, but one of them is Salah’s decline in scoring.

Salah failed to record a shot on target in three consecutive league matches, including against Chelsea, against Brighton and Brentford. Salah has not scored a league goal since entering 2023. Only 1 goal in his last 6 matches. Considering that Salah was the top scorer in the EPL last season, his declining scoring ability is a worrying step.

Accordingly, the British ‘Telegraph’ analyzed the reason for Salah’s sluggish performance on the 23rd. First of all, it is a change in how to use Trent Alexander Arnold, who formed a partnership of soul with Sala. In the past, Arnold was dedicated to flanking, but not now. Arnold moves like an inverted full-back who moves like a midfielder. Therefore, naturally, there are many cases where Salah stays only on the side. Salah is a more threatening player when he joins the center rather than the side, so it is an analysis that his scoring power has naturally declined.

The next is the disappearance of the side linkage due to the midfielder’s sluggishness. Liverpool’s biggest problem this season is their midfield. The performance of key players such as Jordan Henderson and Fabinho has declined significantly. Henderson, along with Salah and Arnold, was in the right triangle, but he is not very helpful in the offense this season. Navi Keita, who plays in place of Henderson, is still not adjusting to the team. The decline in the performance of his colleagues around him also affected Salah.

Finally, Liverpool’s striker style change. Roberto Firmino, who has continued to work with Salah, is not an authentic number 9. It is a style that maximizes Salah’s scoring ability while sacrificing and linking. In comparison, Darwin Nunez and Cody Gakpo focus on scoring. It hasn’t been long since he moved to Liverpool, so his breathing with Salah isn’t very good. 메이저사이트

It is not easy to call a player who has recorded 7 goals and 4 assists in 19 league games as sluggish, but expectations are high because he is Salah. The fewest goals scored in the league since Salah moved to Liverpool were 19 league goals in the 2019-20 season. With his current performance, it seems likely that he will set a new record for lowest goalscoring in the league.

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