LIV Golf Tournament to be broadcasted in the US… Contract with US CW Network

“Sending to 120 million households”LIV Golf, operated with capital from Saudi Arabia, finally starts broadcasting in the United States.

LIV Golf announced on the 20th (Korean time) that it has signed a multi-year broadcasting contract with the American broadcaster CW Network. The duration of the contract was not disclosed. LIV Golf, which was launched last year, showed the game through its own website and YouTube because it could not find a broadcaster in the United States to broadcast it.

The CW network contracted this time is not a major broadcaster such as the three major terrestrial broadcasters or ESPN. Although it has affiliates with regional broadcasters across the United States, it is little known in the field of sports broadcasting.

Still, it is evaluated that LIV Golf has made great progress by exposing the game to American golf fans. This is because it has the meaning of establishing a bridgehead to once again expand its influence in the United States, the basis of the PGA Tour, in a situation where it is fighting against the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour. 헤라카지노

LIV Golf Commissioner Greg Norman said, “It is a very important day for LIV Golf because it is a contract with a great meaning that goes beyond a simple broadcast contract.” You can easily watch LIV golf,” he said. Dennis Miller, Chairman of CW Network, expressed his anticipation, saying, “With the cooperation with LIV Golf, our broadcasting company has also set a new milestone.

The CW Network broadcasts the 2nd and 3rd rounds of LIV Golf held on Saturdays and Sundays in the US, and broadcasts the 1st round match on Friday only through an app.

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