Maguire-Martial finally included in ‘release list’

Harry Maguire and Anthony Martial were put on the release list.

Manchester United is undergoing a system change. A lot of things are changing under the managerial system of Eric ten Haag, and we are feeling the changes little by little. The same goes for the squad. Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, we started organizing. According to a number of local media outlets, many players will leave the team during the upcoming summer transfer window.

Specific candidates were also mentioned. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ quoted ‘Manchester Evening News’ and said that three players were on the release list. The media said, “Martial, Maguire and Alex Telles have been given permission to leave the team during the upcoming transfer window.”

Except for Teles, who left on loan, these are the players who are playing for Manchester United this season. In particular, Maguire incurred an enormous transfer fee of 87 million euros (approximately 117.6 billion won), renewing the highest transfer fee ever for a center back and entered Old Trafford. From the first year of his transfer, he took on a pivotal role and built a solid position within the team, such as rising to ‘captain’ in six months. 카지노

However, his performance was below expectations. He was insecure in every game due to his slow speed and lack of defensive intelligence. In the end, Manchester United fans, who showed the limit of patience, criticized Maguire from last season. It showed signs of resurgence starting from this Qatar World Cup, but was still classified as out of power in the coaching system of Ten Hagh.

Martial was also expected. He came to Manchester United in 2015, when he was only 20 years old, generating a huge amount of 60 million euros (approximately 81.1 billion won). There was also a ‘bubble’ controversy, but in the first year of the transfer, he scored 17 goals and 9 assists in 49 games, including cup competitions, and was even heard that Thierry Henry’s return. However, it has since gone downhill. From the 2021-22 season, he was completely out of power and left to rent.

Ahead of this season, he showed the possibility of a comeback. It’s because he showed good form in the pre-season. However, he lost his chance due to an injury before the opening and is still unable to come up. As Manchester United is involved with several players, the disposal of existing resources is inevitable, and Maguire and Martial have become the most likely candidates for release.

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