Manager Seol Ki-hyeon, who took care of promising players, even though he gave away the PK, “Well done!”

“Actually, if I could afford it, he’s a player I wanted to use.”

This is what Gyeongnam FC coach Seol Ki-hyeon said about “Rookie” Lee Chan-wook. He is a rookie who was called into the team after confirming that he was a player with considerable talent during high school, but there is a reason he was able to use it only now. As you mentioned, it’s ‘free’. Thanks to the situation of Gyeongnam, which has soared to the top of the league, they seemed very satisfied with the fact that they were able to utilize the rotation and appoint young players who were new to the K-League.

Gyeongnam, led by coach Seol, 메이저사이트won 3-2 against FC Anyang in the 8th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at 7:30 pm on the 18th at the Changwon Soccer Center. In the 29th minute of the first half, Seol Hyeon-jin, in the 22nd minute of Anyang defender Baek Dong-gyu, and in the 44th minute of Anyang midfielder Kim Jung-hyun’s consecutive own goals. did.

In this game, coach Seol appointed an unfamiliar name, Lee Chan-wook, as a defensive midfielder. Lee Chan-wook, 20 years old this year, graduated from Jinju High School, a Gyeongnam U-18 team, and joined the pros from the 2021 season. According to coach Seol’s explanation, Lee Chan-wook was a promising prospect who received more attention than his high school classmate, right-back Lee Joon-jae. However, in the past two years, his team performance was not supported, so he was not given a chance to participate, but thanks to the rotation opportunity, he boldly gave him a chance to participate.

However, Lee Chan-wook was used as a defensive midfielder, not as a center back, which was his main position. As he played in an awkward position on the professional stage for the first time in his life, he had no choice but to get sick. Andrigo’s penalty kick in the 21st minute, Anyang’s opening goal, came from Lee Chan-wook. Lee Chan-wook committed a handball foul in the box in his professional debut, which became the reason for his conceding. It left a very bad memory for Lee Chan-wook.

Still, Director Seol’s expression looking at Lee Chan-wook is still happy. After winning 3-2 after a fierce battle, coach Seol said, “I talked to (Lee) Chan-wook after the game. I didn’t expect much because I played in a position that was not my original position, so I sent him to play hard and gain experience instead. So I was disappointed. I told you not to do it,” he said, showing no concern for Lee Chan-wook’s handball foul.

“As a manager, I think he will be a really good player,” he said. “He did better than I thought. Besides, Lee Chan-wook is originally a center back. If he develops, he will become a good center back for our team.

These days, Gyeongnam is a so-called ‘house that becomes’. Before the start of the season, it looked like it was full of dark clouds because of this and that issue, but now that the season has started, it is flying without hesitation. Thanks to this, coach Seol is also using players more widely to promote growth. In other words, coach Seol is relaxed enough to hunt two rabbits: grades and growth. It should be considered that it is the beginning of the season, but if it does not lead to carelessness, Gyeongnam will be able to produce quite surprising results this year.

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