Napoli’s first winning coach “I didn’t know Kim would do this well, even win…”

SSC Napoli’s first winning command, Ottavio Bianchi, opened his mouth about Kim Min-jae.

Former coach Bianchi mentioned three people who are leading the challenge to win the Napoli League this season in an interview with Italian media ‘La Stampa’ on the 26th (Korean time).

Napoli are currently 메이저놀이터on the verge of winning the Serie A title. Napoli, currently leading the league with 78 points (25 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses), is 17 points behind second place SSC Lazio (61 points).

With only 7 games left until the end of the league, if Napoli wins against Salernitana in the 32nd round of Serie A on the 29th, and Lazio does not win against Inter Milan in the 32nd round of the league, Napoli will win the Serie A title. It is confirmed.

Napoli, who had not reached the top of Serie A since the 1989/90 season, is on the verge of winning the title for the first time in 33 years, and former coach Bianchi, who led Napoli’s first championship, is looking forward to this season’s three key Napoli players, Victor Osimen and Hvitza Kvarachhelia. And he paid attention to Kim Min-jae.

Former coach Bianchi directed legendary soccer player Diego Maradona and won the league title in the 1986/87 season, giving Napoli their first Serie A championship since the club was founded.

“I was one of those people who didn’t believe that Napoli would win Serie A at the beginning of the season,” Bianchi said.

He said, “Who would have known Hvica? Osimen would have predicted that he would do so well this season,” he said. “Kim Min-jae? If you hear people shouting ‘Kim, Kim, Kim!’ said.

“Football is an endless mystery and it’s even more beautiful because Napoli haven’t won Serie A, and that’s also because none of the rival teams have scored enough points.”

Osimen, Hvica, and Kim Min-jae are active as key players for Napoli this season and are leading the Serie A championship in 33 years. First of all, Osimen is currently leading the league in scoring and is in charge of scoring for the team.

Hvicha and Kim Min-jae, who were recruited ahead of the season, quickly emerged as key forces by performing beyond expectations. Hvica is performing close to perfection this season, recording 12 goals and 12 assists in the league alone.

South Korean defender Kim Min-jae also played a central role in Napoli’s defense, leading the league’s lead. Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli is tied for first place in the league for the least goals conceded, allowing only 21 runs in 31 games this season.

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