Neymar multi-goal + Lee Kang-in 21st minute ‘coexist’…PSG return to France with 3-0 win over Jeonbuk

I saw Neymar and Lee Kang-in play together. Lee Kang-in, who had been announced as a starter, came on in the second half in a Paris Saint-Germain jersey. 카지노사이트 Paris Saint-Germain will return to France with a comfortable win and begin preparations for the new season in earnest.

Paris Saint-Germain beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 3-0 in a preseason friendly at Busan Asiadju Stadium at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. After failing to pick up a point on their tour of Japan, they enter the 2023-24 season with a point in South Korea.

Paris Saint-Germain lined up with Neymar, Ekitike, and Garvey up front. Verratti, Mbappe, and N’Dour played at the back. The defense was Naga, Kurzawa, Danilu, and Bernat. Donnarumma was in goal for Paris Saint-Germain.

Jeonbuk aimed for the Paris Saint-Germain goal with Park Jae-yong up top. Moon Sun-min, Hapa Silva, and Han Kyowon provided firepower in the back. Boateng and Ryu Jae-moon were in the third line, and the back four was Park Chang-woo, Petrasek, Hong Jung-ho, and Ahn Hyun-beom. Jung Min-ki wore the goalkeeping gloves.

Jeonbuk set the tone early in the match. However, Paris Saint-Germain fought back fiercely. In the 11th minute, Ekitike got the ball inside the penalty box and fired a shot. In the 26th minute, Garvey fired a threatening shot from near the penalty box line. Jeonbuk rattled Paris Saint-Germain with Moon Sun-min at the helm of the attack.

In the middle of the first half, Jeonbuk took a cooling break in the sweltering heat. After a brief recovery, the players took to the field again. Neymar tried to pick up the ball on the Paris Saint-Germain flank, but he didn’t have much of a chance due to the wide gaps in the defense. In the 37th minute, he tried to change the mood with a mid-range shot at the Jeonbuk goal.

In the 40th minute, Neymar overcame the pressure of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the box and rattled the net. Spurred on, Paris Saint-Germain unleashed an attack centered on Neymar. The crowd cheered when Neymar held the ball and dribbled fluidly. The first half ended with a one-goal lead for Paris Saint-Germain.

Paris Saint-Germain brought on goalkeeper Navas for the second half. Jeonbuk also made a number of substitutions. Paris Saint-Germain pressed hard from the front and disrupted Jeonbuk’s buildup. Jeonbuk withstood Paris Saint-Germain’s pressure by passing from the back.

Paris Saint-Germain made a number of substitutions around the 16th minute of the second half. Lee, who had been benched after halftime, came out to warm up. “He will definitely play against Jeonbuk,” Enrique said in his pre-match interview, so a substitution is expected later. Speaking to reporters after the open training session, Lee said, “I’ve recovered a lot. Of course, I can’t play 90 minutes right now. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better. It’s not my decision to play or not to play. If I play, I will do my best.”

Enrique then brought on Lee in the 24th minute of the second half. Although it was expected that he would be replaced by Neymar, Enrique planned to play the role of a playmaker with Neymar in the second line. It was expected to see what kind of magic Lee Kang-in and Neymar could create together.

Jeonbuk attacked the Paris Saint-Germain goal with a direct free kick from Jun Amano. Lee Kang-in exchanged balls with Neymar to lead the PSG second line. Neymar picked up the ball on the flank and cut back. Lee rushed in from behind the area and took advantage of the opportunity.

Jeon also cut in from the flank, looking for a shot. There was a battle in the box, but no penalty was awarded. Shortly afterward, the ball was broken up, giving Paris Saint-Germain a chance to counterattack. Neymar sprinted onto the ball and found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper. He calmly slotted it into the corner of the net to complete his hat-trick.

With the lead, Paris Saint-Germain pushed for a late equalizer. In the 42nd minute, Asensio fired a threatening shot into the back of the net to put a damper on Jeonbuk’s hopes of catching up. Paris Saint-Germain slowly settled down and ended the game.

Lee Kang-in is the first South Korean player to be signed by Paris Saint-Germain. He was linked to Paris Saint-Germain during the national team trials in June, and according to European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, he completed his medical in Mallorca via Paris. Atletico Madrid failed to satisfy Mallorca and Lee during the transfer fee negotiations.

Paris Saint-Germain then announced the signing of Lee through their official website. After joining Paris Saint-Germain, Lee Kang-in trained with his teammates in a cheerful atmosphere. Neymar, who also participated in the team’s training, smiled and enjoyed training with Lee. The rest of the team, including Mbappe, who was given extra rest after the A match, joined the team for a full-scale training session.

“I lived in Spain for a long time, so I know it well,” Enrique said. He improved a lot in his last season at Mallorca. He’s a complete player. He’s a pleasure to watch. He can play in the center or on the flanks. We are very happy with the signing of Lee Kang-in.”

Paris Saint-Germain will end their pre-season tour with a friendly against Jeonbuk Hyundai in Busan. During their tour of Japan, they faced Al Nasr, Cerezo Osaka, and Inter Milan without a win. However, Lee said, “Over time, we will play the way the coach wants us to play. It’s preseason now. It’s more about getting along with your teammates than results. Now the important stage is coming. I want to prepare well and create good results.”

When he arrived in Korea wearing a Paris Saint-Germain jersey, he was greeted by many fans. “Jeonbuk is a historically good team, and they are not an easy opponent. I want to do my best and win,” he said, adding, “The fans’ cheers were very nice. I’m happy to come to Korea and play with a good team. If I can play tomorrow, I hope to show a good performance.”

Lee played in a preseason friendly against Le Havre (France) at PSG’s campus in Paris, France. He played as a right back and led the team’s attack and showed a sharp performance. He wore the number 19 on his back. He was joined by Luca Hernandez, Marco Asensio, and Manuel Ugarte.

Paris Saint-Germain continued their attacking work through Lee Kang-In, and his passing was brilliant as he moved between the flanks and the center. He linked up well with the fullbacks on the flanks and exchanged fluid passes. His passing into space and pressing was as good as we saw in Mallorca.

However, he complained of hamstring pain just before halftime. Lee suddenly grabbed his thigh in the 43rd minute. It looked like he had overloaded it while sprinting on a Paris Saint-Germain counterattack, and he went to the bench in discomfort.

While he hasn’t had any problems with his day-to-day activities, he hasn’t trained with the team on their preseason tour of Japan. It’s likely that he missed training as a precautionary measure to prevent further injury, but it’s also unlikely that he’ll be able to actively participate in the team’s upcoming preseason schedule. In fact, he didn’t play in the three games against Al Nasr, Cerezo Osaka, and Inter Milan and watched his teammates play from the bench.

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