No win for 644 days… 3 shots ‘low level’ → until the player is sent off, why does Bucheon get smaller when it meets Seoul E

Bucheon FC 1995 becomes smaller when it meets Seoul E-Land FC.

Bucheon, led by coach Lee Young-min, faced Seoul E-Land in the 14th round of Hana 1 Q K-League 2 2023 held at the main stadium of Mok-dong Sports Complex on the 20th.

Bucheon,메이저사이트 who had failed to win 5 games in a row, was unable to laugh to its heart this time as well. Seoul E failed to break the jinx. Bucheon has not won against Seoul E since the victory on August 14, 2021. Starting with the loss of the last confrontation of the 2021 season, it was 3 draws and 1 loss last season, and it was also lost 0-1 in the first confrontation this season. In the FA Cup held at the beginning of the season, Bucheon met and lost to Seoul E and bowed their heads.

Photo = Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation
The atmosphere was at its peak with a recent 4-game winning streak, so the desire to break the jinx was greater than ever. Manager Lee Young-min, as well as the players, were more motivated than ever.

Before the game, coach Lee Young-min said, “We have to work harder to break the jinx. The jinx is meant to be broken. Neither I nor our players can tolerate not winning anymore. Not only the players, but I too can win by jumping one step further on the field. The jinx is not broken by the opposing team. We have to wake up on our own,” he said forcefully.

However, the match went against the thoughts of coach Lee Young-min and his players. Bucheon did not have a chance to do this in the first half. I didn’t hit a single shot in the first half, and I didn’t even get a corner kick. He was unable to break through Seoul E’s solid defense wall. An attack early in the first half was canceled due to offside. Considering that Seoul E tried to gain strength by getting a corner kick and taking three shots, it was clear that it was regrettable.

It was the same at the beginning of the second half. The attack did not gain strength. While Seoul E developed an attack in the penalty box, Bucheon was busy blocking them.

It wasn’t until the 11th minute of the second half that the game’s first shot came out. Ahn Jae-jun tried to shoot, but the goalkeeper saved it. Then, in the 18th minute, Carril’s shot hit Kim Won-shik. Bucheon then put in Kim Ho-nam, Park Ho-min, and Park Hyung-jin in succession, driving the opponent hard.

However, he gave up the opening goal without a chance to see the effect of the input. Honan’s header came in the 26th minute. Bucheon immediately removed Hamos and replaced Lee Jeong-bin. Bucheon opened the opponent’s goal in the 35th minute, but swallowed regret when an offside was declared.

I bowed my head once more. In the 40th minute, a penalty kick was declared after Park Hyung-jin was fouled in the process of ball competition. A VAR decision was made, but the decision was not changed. Honan, who had scored the opening goal, opened Bucheon’s goal again.

Bucheon coach Lee Young-min lowered his head. Photo = Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation
In the game, Milini players became more and more aggressive. To make matters worse, Park Ho-min, who had been replaced, was sent off for committing a violent foul. The staff who protested to the referee were also ordered to leave.

In the end, they lost 0-2. Only three shots were attempted on the day. Again, the draw against Seoul E could not be broken. It also failed to rebound in the rankings. fell to 4th

Director Lee Young-min said, “I made a mistake in my judgment overall. Losing to one team over and over again… . The players worked hard, but I was lacking.”

Park Choong-gyun, head coach of Seoul E, said, “It seems that there is a natural enemy relationship. The players went one step further to continue the good jinx. Bucheon players were chased after being pushed. I think I didn’t use that part psychologically well.”

When will Bucheon break the Seoul E jinx? The next match between the two teams will be held on August 26 at Bucheon Sports Complex.

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