“Not Chelsea, go to Liverpool, Mbappe” … urged by a ‘Chelsea senior’, why?

Where will Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ‘superstar’ Kylian Mbappe go from here?

Mbappe is currently being treated like a pariah at PSG. After Mbappe refused to renew his contract, PSG has retaliated fiercely. They excluded him from the Asian tour, and when he returned, they excluded him from first-team training. They’re warning him that he could spend the entirety of next season on the bench.

However, Mbappe has no intention of signing a new contract and will be a free agent next year, meaning PSG will have to sell him this summer. 온라인바카라 If Mbappe does leave PSG, Spanish side Real Madrid are the favorites. There are even reports that a personal agreement has already been finalized.

Transfers are never finalized until they’re sealed. English Premier League (EPL) clubs are also in the running for Mbappe. Chelsea and Liverpool have been the most consistent names in recent days. With Mbappe’s price tag on the line, both teams are reportedly looking to loan him out. A one-year loan would pave the way for a move to Real Madrid.

In this situation, Marcel Desai, a former French national team defender who played a key role in France’s 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 victories, has given Mbappe some advice.

He played for Chelsea between 1998 and 2004, among others. However, Desai urged Mbappe to join Liverpool instead of Chelsea. Why?

“If Mbappe is going to the EPL, he should sign for Liverpool,” Desai told BoyleSports.

“Chelsea are at the end of their cycle. But Liverpool are not at the end of the cycle. They haven’t sold most of their key players, and they’ve maintained their foundation and stature at Anfield.”

He also argued that Mbappe is the perfect replacement for the departed Sadio Mane.

“Liverpool have been good for a number of years, but recently they’ve gone downhill. This is related to the sale of Mane. They need a striker who can play like Mane. But they didn’t bring in a player with the same impact and presence as Mane last season. I believe that Mbappe can definitely fill that hole at Liverpool.”

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