Oh Yeong-soo with 60% slugging rate in the 2nd team “I have more peace of mind”

Oh Young-soo (22, NC Dinos), who used to run only forward, has changed.

Oh Young-soo is currently in good condition at the spring camp of the Arizona team in the United States. He said, “In the camps of the past few years, I only looked forward and ran, but in this camp, it seems that I have a more relaxed mind to find my own theme and take the lead in training.” Through an offseason agent, he trained individually in the United States for about two weeks before joining the camp before joining team training.

His individual training background has some regrets from last season. Oh Young-soo played a maximum of 83 games in an individual season in the 2022 season. After his debut in 2018, he was first evaluated as a major resource, but his grades left him with regret. He had a batting average of 0.238 (55 hits in 231 at-bats). His on-base percentage (0.309) and slugging percentage (0.359) also fell below expectations. He said, “I received an analysis of the hitting mechanism at the baseball training center in LA, and I felt that there were many weaknesses in the swing mechanism.” They are helping me a lot to maintain a mechanism well. I will keep it as it is now so that I can put it into practice.” 토토사이트

Coach Song Ji-man said, “Oh Young-soo had a high swing rate (11.6%) last year.” He went to the U.S. during the off-season to figure out the problem and prepared for it. Because he may feel uneasy about the mechanism change, he recently interviewed his routine. We had a conversation so that we could bring about a change in trust and pitching awareness.” He continued, “At this time, the players’ stress index should not rise. I’m thinking of giving feedback so that stress can be minimized and stability can be maintained.”

First base is the weakness of NC this season. Breaking the expectation that they would recruit a first baseman as a foreign hitter, they signed outfielder Jason Martin. Inside and outside the club, there are high expectations that “Oh Young-soo should grow into a first baseman.” Oh Young-soo’s career batting average in the second group (Futures League) is 0.308. Last year, he was very active with a batting average of 0.387 (29 hits in 75 at-bats). He created a ‘dream record’ with a 40% on-base percentage (0.439) and a 60% slugging percentage (0.600). Now he has to continue his performance in the first team. This is a key point that will influence NC’s year-round farming.

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