One pitcher regrets it, but the reason why he took out his knife, “If I can’t control it even if I throw 150 km…”

Currently, KT Wiz’s mound is an injured ward. Starting pitchers Sohn So-jun (22) and Um Sang-baek (27), as well as Pil Seung-jo Joo-kwon (28) and Kim Min-soo (30) in the bullpen, were injured one after another, leaving holes. 

A situation where one pitcher was disappointed. 스포츠토토However, among them, KT boldly dropped a player with a lot of experience in the 1st team to the 2nd team. On the 16th, KT made a bold decision to eliminate Kim Min (24), who had a lot of experience, who played 243 innings in 71 games in the first team. 

The aftermath of the sluggish economy the previous day (15th) was great. Min Kim took the mound as the team’s fourth pitcher in the 8th inning against the Hanwha Eagles in Suwon on the 15th and was responsible for 1⅓ innings. Only one point was conceded in the ninth inning, but he had a difficult game with two walks and one ball that hit his body. In the ninth inning, the lead batter caused a crisis with three walks, and then allowed a run on a sacrifice fly to give up a point that should not have been given. 

Kim Min’s uneasiness was not only on this day. Even against Hanwha on the 14th, he allowed 2 runs (1 earned) with 1 walk and 3 hits. Out of the 5 games Kim Min played this season, there was only one game against LG on the 2nd without 4 balls. He gave up six 4s in 4⅔ innings. When he returned after being discharged in the second half of last year, it was a bit far from the appearance of recording 3 4 balls and 8 strikeouts in 7⅔ innings in 6 games. 

The average pitch also fell significantly compared to last year. Last year, Kim Min’s average fastball velocity was 150 km/h, but this year it dropped to 146.4 km/h. He threw the ball at an average of 148 km / h in the first three games of the season, but in the last two games that were sluggish, he threw the ball less than 145 km / h and was sluggish. 

In the end, Kim Min was expelled from the first team the next day. Director Lee Kang-cheol’s bitter comments continued. Director Lee said, “Right now, pitchers are running at 160 km/h, but it is useless if a pitcher throwing 150 km/h doesn’t even get to the ball.” 

Director Lee Kang-cheol said, “I don’t even want the command (the ability to throw the ball where you want). However, if the ball is not controlled, the innings cannot be digested and the game operation becomes difficult,” he said. I hope that Kim Min will come back with good control in the 2nd team.” 

Currently, new faces such as Kim Young-hyeon (21), Son Dong-hyeon (22), and Kim Tae-oh (26) have appeared in the KT bullpen to fill the void left by injured players. It’s not perfect, but it’s keeping KT’s back with solid performances. However, he has no choice but to think about insecurity and variables because most of them are players with little experience. In that sense, Kim Min’s sluggishness and erasure are regrettable for both KT and Kim Min himself.

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