“Only 4.3 billion won?” Naples Extension Contract Offer Substantial. British media “The probability of separation between Napoli and Kim Min-jae is high. A chance to sign Liverpool”

Kim Min-jae (27) is more likely to leave Naples.

It was reported that the amount of Kim Min-jae extension contract that Napoli is promoting. It can’t be helped from Naples’ point of view, but it’s an amount that can only be disappointing from Kim Min-jae’s side.

‘The Liverpool Offside’온라인카지노, which specializes in English Premier League (EPL) Liverpool news and transfer rumors, said on the 9th (Korean time), ‘Liverpool has a chance to recruit world-class center back Kim Min-jae at an affordable price. Napoli are currently seeking to extend the contract with Kim Min-jae. It is a condition of adding a season bonus of 500,000 euros to the existing salary of 2.5 million euros.”

Kim Min-jae’s annual salary is known to be 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.6 billion won). He moved to Napoli from Fenerbahce in Turkey in 2022, signing a three-year contract. His contract is until 2025.

Love calls are flooding in for Kim Min-jae, who has been very active this season. European prestigious clubs Liverpool, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are representative.

Kim Min-jae has a release clause option (42 million euros, about 60.4 billion won) at stake while signing a three-year contract with Napoli. It is a condition that will be activated after June 2023, and transfers are possible only to teams in overseas leagues. In other words, other clubs other than Serie A clubs can negotiate and sign with Kim Min-jae if they pay only 42 million euros to Napoli.

Clubs that want Kim Min-jae evaluate that 42 million euros is a fairly affordable price. Napoli are also feeling uneasy. Therefore, it is the process of attempting to retain Kim Min-jae through contract renewal.

However, compared to Kim Min-jae’s soaring popularity, the conditions are too shabby.

The Liverpool Offside said ‘Napoli has a salary principle within the club. Therefore, it is not possible to impose unconventional conditions. Napoli wants Kim Min-jae to stay. As a condition of extension, the contract until 2027, an annual salary of 2.5 million euros and a bonus of 500,000 euros are paid. Considering the value of Kim Min-jae, this is a fairly low amount. It is very unlikely that the two sides will reach an amicable agreement. The chances of Kim Min-jae playing elsewhere next season have increased considerably.”

According to local media reports, Liverpool, Manchester United and PSG are all considering an annual salary of Kim Min-jae more than doubled (5 million euros). Depending on the outcome of the negotiations, a higher amount may be offered.

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