Park Se-woong, who is getting fit in Korea instead of the Guam camp, “I’ll get good results at the WBC so that there is no hindrance to the season opening”

 Park Se-woong (28), the “glasses ace” of the Lotte Giants, did not participate in the Guam camp and is building his body with Futures players at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae. 

There is also a way to go to Tucson, Arizona, USA, the training ground for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team after completing the Guam camp schedule, but Park Se-woong decided that it was better to go to the United States after building up in Korea. Lotte was considerate of Park Se-woong and excluded him from the Guam camp list. 

Park Se-woong, who we met on the 4th at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, expressed satisfaction, saying, “I am in very good shape right now. There is no major discomfort, and even when I throw a ball, it feels very good. I have played bullpen pitching three times and it seems to be getting better and better.” 

“When I told the club that I wanted to train in Korea, it wouldn’t have been easy for the club to readily give permission, but thank you for respecting my opinion. I will prepare well as much as you have cared for me, get good results at the WBC, and manage well so that there is no hindrance to the season opening.” added. 

Coach Lee Jong-woon showed a satisfactory response that the training atmosphere was very good as Koo Seung-min (33) and Park Se-woong, who are building their bodies at the Futures Camp, took the lead. He said, “No matter how famous people come and give special lectures, it is much more helpful to juniors to show them with all the good elements that a player should have.” 

Koo Seung-min and Park Se-woong complete the training schedule for the Futures pitching team without any exclusion or preferential treatment. Director Lee Jong-woon praised, “If you play baseball, you can relax, but Koo Seung-min and Park Se-woong are different. They work harder, let alone excluded and preferential treatment, so they have no choice but to be called the best role models to juniors.” He also added, “On the first day of training, I was surprised to see Koo Seung-min and Park Se-woong. I made my body well enough to feel that I prepared really well.”  먹튀검증

In response, Park Se-woong lowered himself, saying, “Thank you for liking it. Professional players continue to compete until retirement. That’s why it’s only natural to start the camp in the best condition.” 

It also includes the responsibility to show juniors that the professional stage is never easy. 

Park Se-woong said, “Most of the players at Futures Camp have just graduated from college or high school and started their professional career. Even if you do, you can be in the first team.’ That’s why you shouldn’t show a disheveled appearance even a little. 

Park Se-woong said, “Maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time, so far, no juniors have approached me and asked questions.” Park Se-woong said, “I can help with anything I can help with. Wouldn’t it be more important to have a lot of conversations with each other than giving advice one-sidedly?” think,” he said. 

Park Se-woong, who is scheduled to join the WBC national team on the 14th, expressed his wish, “Now I can feel that the tournament is just around the corner. I want to produce good results in the best condition.” 

He raised his voice, saying that even for the sake of reviving the popularity of Korean baseball, good results should be achieved in this tournament. 

Park Se-woong said, “I heard that after advancing to the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup, more children like soccer than baseball. Just as I dreamed of becoming a baseball player after watching international competitions such as the 2006 WBC and 2008 Beijing Olympics, I hope for children. I want to give it to you. I also have to show a good image as much as I stand on the stage I dreamed of.”

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