Patrick Reed, who is becoming a bad boy in the 21st century golf world

If the character is the same, the image of that person also has a great influence. However, it is not easy to change the image you had once it is properly implanted in your mind. A typical example is the image of ‘bad boy’. In golf, John Daly (USA) comes to mind as a bad boy. His unique behavior on the field, bizarre outfits, and even his complicated private life, combined with his bad boy image, have stuck with John Daly like a tag.

However, recently, it seems that a player with ugly hair has appeared in men’s golf. Just causing a problem is not a good look. Patrick Reed, a golfer who has consistently played an active role as a signboard for the US team in the Ryder Cup, but stirred up more controversy last year when he moved from the PGA Tour to LIV golf.

Last week, Reed stirred up controversy again with his events on the DP World Tour, and reminded him of the controversy on the PGA Tour that had been going on for several years, further solidifying his image as a ‘bad boy in the golf world’. After being ignored by Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) during the practice round, controversy arose when he turned around and threw a wooden tee at McIlroy, causing a stir. Then, in the 17th hole of the 3rd round of the tournament, suspicion arose that he pretended to check his tee shot while not actually checking it. He went on tour with the race committee member and said, “There was no problem,” but due to the history of suspicion of cheating in the past, problems were raised on social media.

Patrick Reed when he caused controversy at the Hero World Challenge. [Photo by Gettyimages] When

Reed causes controversy, he creates a storm of his own. The controversy over the lie improvement that came out at the Hero World Challenge held in December 2019 was the beginning. At the time, he caused trouble on the 11th hole in the third round when he was leading. He improved his lie by taking practice swings after address in a bunker near the green, sweeping the sand behind the ball twice with his club. A penalty stroke is imposed for clearing sand or compacting the ground behind the ball to affect the stroke. No penalty strokes were imposed when this scene was filmed at the time. Reed received two penalty strokes late just before submitting his scorecard. Rather, Reed drew criticism by offering an excuse, “If you change the camera angle, you’ll know that (what I did) wasn’t improving the lie.” Commentator Paul Aginger of the US Golf Channel criticized, “If that’s not lie improvement, what is it?”

Even after this incident, Reed couldn’t break his bad boy image. At the Presidents Cup held in Australia right after the Hero World Challenge, galleries criticized Reed for being a ‘cheater’ or booed him. In February 2020, Peter Costis, who was in charge of the CBS Sports course commentator in the United States, became controversial when he revealed that he had witnessed Reed violate the rules to improve the lie at least four times in past PGA Tour events.

Patrick Reed has a strong image of ‘Captain America’ in the golf competition. However, the gaze towards him is getting colder and colder. 메이저사이트

Then, in January 2021, at the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open, another controversy was created over picking up a ball that fell into the deep rough near the green and receiving a no-penalty drop decision. After checking with the competition committee member, he should have been confirmed whether to pick up the ball, but he was impatient, and the location of the ball also raised the question of “how can a ball that fell after bouncing once in the rough be stuck?” Reed said, “The race officials said I acted ‘bookishly'”, and the controversy grew when Reed finally won the event. A game betting company in the United States refunded all customers who participated in betting on the winner before the start of the tournament.

Reid, who reached the peak of controversy while heading to LIV Golf last year, was again controversial about violating the rules earlier this year. I can avoid the moment, and I have a strong desire to somehow overcome the controversy. The more you do, the more your gaze towards him will sting. This is because golf is a sport that values ​​rules and fair competition more than any other sport.

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