Pittsburgh’s best, but leaving the country… “I feel hungry for the Taegeuk mark”

Major League Pittsburgh’s Choi Ji-man left for the United States for rehabilitation training.

Choi Ji-man, who underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow last November, plans to improve his condition by focusing on rehabilitation in the United States. 토토

Choi Ji-man was named to the final list of 30 WBC national team members on the 4th, and it is expected that the final joining will be determined according to the results of the medical check in Pittsburgh, the new club.

Let’s listen to Choi Ji-man’s remarks for a moment.

<Choi Ji-man / Pittsburgh infielder> “I was hungry because I had never worn the Taegeuk mark, and I had always played with Korean players for over 13 years. “

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