Reversal, reversal, ‘previous scenario’ completed… SK-KCC already competing for the championship

SK and KCC,메이저놀이터 the season is over, but are they already competing for the championship?

The men’s professional basketball (KBL) is full of interesting stories for the first time in a long time. Following the breathtaking championship match between Anyang KGC and Seoul SK, and the pitiful emotional fighting spirit of Goyang Carrot, the FA market heated up. It is an atmosphere where great storytelling will be completed with a series of reversal dramas.

Choi Jun-yong took the point of the FA reversal show. On the 21st, Sports Chosun exclusively reported the transfer of FA Choi Jun-yong to KCC. Total compensation of 600 million won for 5 years of contract period. In the case of other free agent transfer students such as Oh Se-geun, Yang Hong-seok, and Moon Seong-gon, it was not so surprising that the transfer was announced at a time when rumors had been circulating on the basketball board from early on, but Choi Jun-yong was truly a surprise news. In fact, in the basketball world, the prevailing theory was that Choi Jun-yong would transfer to the A team in the metropolitan area, and that it would be a sign-and-trade method.

Fans are excited about Choi Jun-yong joining KCC. Right now, the national team lineup is formed with Heo Ung, Lee Seung-hyun, and La Gun-ah. In addition, after the opening of this season, even Song Gyo-chang is discharged from the business and returns. In addition to national team-level players, veteran Jung Chang-young was recruited on the front line, and another free agent Lee Ho-hyun was recruited. If you don’t win with this member, the word ‘fraud’ comes out.

The meeting between Choi Jun-yong, who is the most free-spirited and has a strong personality in the league, and Jeon Chang-jin, the leader of the “Tiger,” is also a highlight. Fans are already arguing whether the former coach will be able to issue an order to disobey Choi Jun-yong, or whether Choi Jun-yong will be able to become a ‘mild sheep’ under the former manager. Here, Choi Jun-yong is the style of playing basketball with the ball and taking the lead, but the former coach aims for team basketball that does not depend on a specific player and is like a cogwheel.

Photo courtesy of KBL
In fact, before KCC’s recruitment of Choi Jun-yong, all the free agent market’s attention was dominated by Seoul SK. This is because the ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun, who was the symbol of Anyang KGC, was recruited. It was a huge shock to KGC fans, but SK seemed to build a unique ‘one-top’ system. It was predicted that if the meeting of Kim Seon-hyeong and Oh Se-geun, who achieved the myth of 52 consecutive wins at Chung-Ang University, and Jamil Warney and Ahn Young-jun returning from the military are combined, they will be ‘ranked 0 for the championship’ with the strongest power.

In this way, an interesting competitive landscape between SK and KCC was created. Changwon LG, which recruited Yang Hong-seok, and Busan KT, which Moon Sung-gon joined, have also strengthened their power, but they feel lacking by 2% compared to the structure of the two teams.

Here, it is of interest to see what kind of performance Choi Jun-yong, who left SK, will meet with his parents. He must already be aiming for revenge against SK, who chose Oh Se-geun instead of him.

Of course, not all members win because they are good. In the case of SK, key players such as Kim Seon-hyung, Oh Se-geun, Choi Bu-kyung, and Heo Il-young are old, so they need to manage their physical strength and injuries well. KCC seems to have to keep in mind the proverb, ‘Even if the beads are made, the words must be threaded to become a treasure’.

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