right wrist sprain’ Kiwoom Lee Yong-gyu, 1st group entry canceled… “Treatment and training will be combined”

Kiwoom Heroes veteran outfielder Lee Yong-gyu is taking a break.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki announced the cancellation of Lee Yong-kyu’s first-team entry ahead of the 2023 professional baseball KBO league home game against the NC Dinos at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 12th.

Lee Yong-gyu메이저놀이터 felt pain in his right wrist while hitting the last at-bat against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 9th, and saw a doctor at CM Hospital on the morning of the 10th. The result was a right wrist sprain diagnosis. Initially, Lee Yong-gyu seemed to be able to play as a major defense and counter-runner, but he was omitted from the first team entry that day.

Kiwoom’s veteran infielder Lee Yong-gyu, led by manager Hong Won-ki, is taking a break. Photo (Jamsil, Seoul) = Reporter Kim Yeong-gu
Coach Hong said, “Until yesterday (11th), there was a judgment that it was possible with a large defense and large runner, but after playing the game yesterday, I thought that it would be difficult to operate as a large defensive large runner. It was decided through an interview today,” he said. I was told to prioritize treatment. Although he will fall out of the entry, he will accompany him and provide treatment and training. I believe that he will recover 100% within the period (20 days) (to be able to re-enter the entry),” he hoped for his quick return.

Although Kiwoom lost 0-1 in the game against LG in Jamsil the previous day (11th), starting pitcher Jeong Chan-heon showed impressive pitching. After allowing one run in the first inning, he blocked the LG batting line with an effective number of pitches until the sixth inning. The total number of pitches was 86.

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “If Jeong Chan-heon shows his current appearance, he will be a great help as one of the starters.” The starting pitchers are not following Seung-un recently, but if they pitch as they do now, the hitters will be more motivated,” he raised his thumb.

However, in the future, Jeong Chan-heon’s maximum number of pitches is expected to be 80-90. Director Hong said, “I would like to throw more, but from the field, it seems impossible to reach 100 to go through a year without injury. He tries to do it with 80 or 90,” he explained.

Kiwoom remained in 8th place with 14 wins and 19 losses until the match. Director Hong said, “It is baseball that scores 9 points in one inning, and it is baseball that it is not easy to score 1 point in 9 innings.” came out

On the other hand, Kiwoom, led by pitcher An Woo-jin, Lee Jeong-hoo (center fielder) – Park Chan-hyuk (left fielder) – Kim Hye-seong (second baseman) – Edison Russell (designated hitter) – Lee Won-seok (third baseman) – Kim Hwi-jip (shortstop) – Lim Ji-yeol (1st baseman) – Park Joon-tae (right fielder) and Kim Dong-heon (catcher) were named in the starting lineup.

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