Sensational ‘chip shot’ after ‘610 days’ after recovering from injury…Lee Seung-gi “steady”

 “I want to show a steady image without getting hurt.”

Veteran midfielder카지노사이트 Lee Seung-gi smiled broadly after a long time. Standing on the ground wearing a Busan uniform about three months after transferring from K League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai to K League 2 Busan I-Park, he even scored his debut goal in Busan, relieving the pain of the past.

Busan won 3-0 in the 12th round away match against Hana One Q K League 2 2023 FC Anyang held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 7th. Lee Seung-gi stepped on the ground in place of Lamas in the 30th minute of the second half, and started a wedge gun in 5 minutes of substitution. In a counterattack situation, he ran quickly from behind the half line and shook the net with a sensational chip shot in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. He was indeed a veteran.

It’s been 610 days. On September 5, 2021, when he wore a Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform, Lee Seung-gi scored a goal in about a year and eight months after operating the scorer in the game against FC Seoul. Lee Seung-gi noticed that he didn’t know. When contacted by the magazine the day after the game, he said, “I was just dazed. He laughed and said, “It was so good. I think he enjoyed the atmosphere with the players,” he recalled.

Even after moving to Busan, he hesitated due to injury. His debut in Busan was delayed due to plantar fasciitis, which he suffered from in Jeonbuk. However, his condition gradually recovered, and he raised his body condition without overdoing it. His debut was a little late, but he showed a certain blow.

Lee Seung-gi said, “I wanted to focus on the game rather than other thoughts. He was winning, so he just thought he had to finish the game well,” he said.

In fact, Busan coach Park Jin-seop set the timing of Lee Seung-gi’s introduction early. He tried to put it in the main game after playing in the Futures match to get his senses. However, Lee Seung-gi wanted to be useful to his team in ‘perfect condition’.

He said, “The coach tried to make me play for the A team after playing for the Futures team once, but I felt that my senses were still too far away. He said that he wanted to play a little more in Futures and get used to his physical condition and practical sense, and the coach took care of his convenience.”

Adaptation to life in Busan is complete. Lee Seung-gi, who moved to Busan after signing a hundred-year-old marriage in December of last year, said, “Busan itself is a good place. He is hanging out with his wife on his day off. After scoring a goal, the first thing that came to my mind was my family. I watched the goal scene through relay, and I really liked it.”

Busan is in the midst of fierce competition in the K League 2. Although ranked 5th with 20 points, the gap with leader Gimpo FC (23 points) is only 3 points. From 2nd place Kimcheon Sangmu (22 points) to 6th place Bucheon FC (29 points) are closely packed. He, who has been with Jeonbuk in the first division since 2013 when the promotion and relegation system was introduced, is also the first to ‘fight for promotion’.

Lee Seung-gi said, “The director always thinks about the parts we can do well, such as tactics, and tries to do well. It’s up to the players to do that. Still young players tend to lean on every single word. It is the players who do it on the ground, so I hope to overcome the situation well,” he said, “I also want to be of help to the team. Personally, I want to show a steady image for a year without getting hurt.

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