Skiing while injured?… “You have to dispose of the troublesome” Legend’s advice

Team Legend made a point about the lack of professionalism.

The British media ‘Express’ highlighted on the 13th (Korean time), “Juventus legend Marco Tardelli strongly criticized midfielder Paul Pogba (29). Juventus insisted that he be disposed of.”

Pogba returned to Juventus in July last year. His performance at Manchester United was below expectations. He was criticized for frequent injuries and erratic performances. However, the team still had high hopes for Pogba. He signed a contract until 2026 and hoped to play an active role as the team’s main midfielder.

A variable has been created. Pogba suffered a meniscal injury during pre-season. Juventus planned to use all their energies to help Pogba recover.

However, Pogba ignored the offer from his former team. He refused surgery to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Juventus had no choice but to wait for Pogba’s decision. In the end, Pogba was on the operating table some time after his injury. His rehabilitation and return schedule has been delayed more than before. 바카라사이트

Team Legend left a tip on his selfish attitude. “Pogba hasn’t played an official game since April 2022, when he was at Manchester United,” said Tardelli. .

Even Pogba has already been criticized for taking a skiing vacation while in rehab. Tardelli said, “Pogba is a problem for Juventus. When his teammates fight for the team, Pogba goes skiing.” said.

He seems to want to dispose of it as soon as possible. “His behavior also affects his teammates badly. The whole situation annoys me,” said Tardelli.

Meanwhile, Juventus was punished with a 15-point reduction in the aftermath of the book-rigging scandal this season. Although they were competing for the championship, they are currently 9th in Italian Serie A with 29 points. The timing of Pogba’s return is still unclear.

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