[Soup] A legendary match that was as good as ‘Kim Yuna-Asada Mao

The Winter Olympics held in Calgary, Canada in 1988 are remembered in the history of figure skating. This is because two wars were fought on the silver plate that were not to be missed. The first war to introduce is the so-called ‘Brian’s War’. The strong favorites for men’s singles were Brian Boitano of the United States and Brian Orser of Canada. Brian Orser is a well-known coach of Yuna Kim during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. He was also the biggest star of his time. Orser and Boitano had already faced off at the 1986 World Figure Skating Championships, two years before the Calgary Olympics. In 1986, Boitano won gold and Orser won silver.토토사이트

The following year at the World Championships, the exact opposite result was obtained. Orser won gold and Boitano won silver. The skills of the two players were close, and the difference was literally a piece of paper. But at the time, many predicted that Orser was closer to winning gold in Calgary. First of all, the fact that the Olympics are held in Orser’s home, Canada, and that Orser is ahead of all time with 5 wins and 2 losses, including his junior days, and that Orser defeated Boitano in a tournament held at the Calgary Rink three months before the opening of the Olympics. It was because For this reason, the expectations Canadians place on Orser are beyond imagination. It was to the point where Orser was the Canadian flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Calgary Olympics.

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