Spending is ‘astronomical’, traffic control is ‘at all’… Only 3 out of 8 recruits go to UCL

Chelsea FC spent an astronomical amount during the winter transfer market, but only part of it goes to UCL. This is a squad that has not been able to control traffic throughout the winter.

Chelsea coach Graham Porter said at an official press conference ahead of the 2022-2023 English Premier League round 22 match against Fulham FC on the 4th (Korean time), “There will be some awkward conversations (between the players) and it is the reality of where we are. “he said.

Chelsea acquired a total of eight players while spending £289 million (approximately KRW 433.3 billion) in the winter transfer market. However, according to the rules of the European Football Federation (UEFA), only up to three new players can be added to the newly submitted squad as they enter the Champions League (UCL) tournament. This means that some of them cannot go to UCL. Among the new recruits, Enzo Fernandez and Mihailo Mudrik, who spent a large amount of money, are expected to be included in the list first.

“You have to create an environment where there is competition, where you can push each other, but there will be frustration at the same time,” Porter said. 메이저놀이터

In particular, on the last day of the transfer window, we are expecting Enzo Fernandez in a Chelsea uniform. The cost of signing Fernandes was £107 million (approximately 160.4 billion won), which is the highest transfer fee ever in England.

Director Porter said, “He’s a fantastic player. My Spanish isn’t great, and his English isn’t good, so we had to rely on a translator, but we’ll reach our goal. He’s an impressive young man.”

One problem is the squad that does not control traffic. Many players came in, but not many left. Jorginho just left for Arsenal. Malo Guisto will spend the rest of the season at his former club Olympique Lyonnais before joining Chelsea next season.

Chelsea urgently attempted to send Hakim Ziyech on loan to Paris Saint-Germain in line with the transfer window deadline, but the loan was canceled due to failure to submit the documents in time.

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