Still 0 goals… Costa brought in in a hurry, likely to leave Wolverhampton in the summer ↑

Diego Costa is likely to leave Wolverhampton at the end of the season.

‘Molynews News’, which delivers news from Wolverhampton, said on the 15th (Korean time), “Costa’s contract with Wolverhampton ends this summer. It is unlikely that he will continue to remain with the team after that. “I joined Wolverhampton. I’ve played 11 matches so far, but I haven’t scored a goal yet.”

Wolverhampton focused on strengthening their attack last summer. Fabio Silva (currently on loan from PSV Eindhoven), who played as a backup striker last season, left on loan to Anderlecht, and loaned Francisco Trincaen also returned to Barcelona. It was essential to recruit a striker as the main player, Raul Jimenez, was confirmed to be absent at the beginning of the season.

First, Wolverhampton brought Gonzalo Guedes, who can digest both the front and side. Not stopping here, he searched for professional striker resources and succeeded in embracing Sasha Kalazic, who was playing in Stuttgart. A 200 cm tall player, Kalazic was a player who showed his presence on the German Bundesliga stage.

However, before he could finish adapting, Khalijić suffered a major setback. He made his Wolverhampton debut by starting before Southampton in the last round 6 먹튀검증. However, he was replaced by Geddes at the start of the second half. The reason was an injury. Regarding this, Wolverhampton said, “As a result of the Kalijichi test, abnormalities were found in the anterior cruciate ligament.”

In the end, Wolverhampton hastily set out to find a replacement. However, at that time, the summer transfer market was already closed, so in reality, Wolverhampton’s options for recruiting were only available to free agent (FA) players. Accordingly, Costa received the final selection.

Costa is a veteran striker who played for Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Chelsea. In particular, during his time at Chelsea, he scored 52 goals in 89 EPL matches and showed his great success. However, he was excluded from manager Antonio Conte’s plans and he left for Atlético, until recently playing in Brazil. However, he has not played since January 2022.

Costa, who started playing in early October, has played 12 games so far. However, he is unable to score a single goal. He doesn’t even have an assist, rather he was sent off against Brentford. Costa’s contract expired this summer. Due to his below-expected performance, it is currently highly unlikely that he will extend his contract.

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