Submission of WBC final roster D-5… ‘Choi Ji-man participates’ is judged

Can Choi Ji-man be seen in the national team?

The WBC final list submission date is February 7th. Within five days, it is expected that Choi Ji-man’s participation in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) will be determined.

Previously, Choi Ji-man was named in the final list of 30 players for the WBC Korean national team. 

Choi Ji-man also said, “I am happy to wear the Taegeuk mark for the first time in his life.”

However, due to an elbow injury, Choi Ji-man underwent bone fragment removal surgery in November last year, and at the time, it was found that he needed a rehabilitation process of about 8 to 12 weeks. 

Currently, he is concentrating on rehabilitation in the United States.

In addition, permission to participate in the WBC from Major League Pittsburgh Pirates, a club belonging to Choi Ji-man, was not given. 

He has a negative opinion about being called up to the national team because his player is suffering from an injury. 메이저놀이터

Here, currently, the Pittsburgh club and Choi Ji-man are wrestling with salary negotiations. 

It seems that it will be clear whether to participate in the WBC only if there is progress in negotiations, so it is unclear whether Choi will join.

The national team is also considering a replacement player. 

On the 27th, ahead of his departure from the United States, coach Lee Kang-cheol said through reporters, “If it is difficult for Choi Ji-man to join, he can pick a player in another position.”

The deadline for submitting the WBC final roster is fast approaching. 

Attention is focusing on whether Choi Ji-man will be able to join the national team normally.

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