Suwon Girls’ High School’s 2023 season concept, ‘Hungry Best 5’

Suwon Girls’ High School has to fight the 2023 season with 5 players.

Suwon Girls’ High School achieved meaningful results in the 2022 season. In particular, the 103rd National Sports Festival held in Ulsan won the basketball girls’ high school championship. Gold medal for the first time in 22 years since 2000.

Suwon Girls’ High School’s gold medalists were Kim Min-ah (Busan BNK Some) and Lee Doona (Incheon Shinhan Bank). Coach Kang Byeong-soo, who led Suwon Girls’ High School, also said, “(Kim) Min-ah was in charge of the perimeter, (Lee) Doona was in charge of the goal. Because he held the center well, we were able to achieve good results,” he acknowledged the contribution of the two players.

However, with Kim Min-ah and Lee Doona graduating, Suwon Girls’ High School has to make a new plan. That’s why I left for Jeju Island for a week from January 26th. Coach Kang Byung-soo said, “It is focused on physical training. He said, “It’s warm outside, so he runs outside and does weight training.”

After coach Kang Byung-soo took over, Suwon Girls’ High School established itself as a strong team in the girls’ high school. But the reality is not so rosy. Because there are only 5 players.

Coach Kang Byung-soo said, “From mid-February, we have practice games at school. But freshmen couldn’t come in, and there are only five players. If even one person is injured… that’s why I’m most concerned about injuries,” he said, worrying about the situation of the squad.

He continued, “I’m worried, and I have a pitiful side. There must be a lot of people available, so tactics are tested and replaced… but there is nothing that can be done (laughs)” with a bitter smile.

However, “even so, you can’t stop training. You should also prepare for competitions. You have to learn how to play the game. So, I have to do court adaptation training and practice games,” he said, considering the need for practice games important.

There is also a hopeful element. The point is that the position balance is not bad. Coach Kang Byung-soo said, “Although there are five of them, the difference in skill is not great. Positions such as guard, shooter, and big man are also available,” he said, conveying the characteristics of the Suwon Girls’ High School roster for the 2023 season.

After that, “The third graders, Oh Si-eun and Jo Joo-hee, have to hold the center. Oh Si-eun is a similar type of player to Kim Min-ah, and Jo Joo-hee plays in the paint zone like Lee Doona. The two players should be the main pillars,” he said, telling two 3rd graders what he wanted. 먹튀검증

“Kim Ha-eun is a sophomore, but she has competitiveness as an advanced resource. Ha-Eun Kim and his colleague, So-Yoon Bang, take on the role of shooters. Seo Ye-jin started playing basketball late and lacks basic skills, but she is 185 cm tall.”

As mentioned above, Suwon Girls’ High School’s concept for the 2023 season is ‘Hungry Best 5’. There are only 5 of them, but each has their own strengths. Even if it’s a difficult situation, you can write a drama like the 2022 National Sports Festival.

Coach Kang Byung-soo also said, “The number of players is small, but I want to play fast basketball. Even if it’s hard, I want to play basketball like that. But the most important thing is to do your best without injury.” However, my biggest wish as a teacher was for the players to show their skills without getting hurt.

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