The changed Cincinnati, 9 consecutive wins in 10 years and 11 months… Leap to No. 1 in the NL Central District

The American Major League Baseball (MLB) Cincinnati Reds are causing a sensation.

Cincinnati won 5-4 in the home game against the Colorado Rockies today (20th), and ran a 9-game winning streak. It’s Cincinnati’s longest winning streak at 10 years and 11 months since they won 10 from July 19-29, 2012.메이저사이트

Accordingly, Cincinnati beat the Milwaukee Brewers by half a game with 38 wins and 35 losses (0.521 win rate) and rose to first place in the Central Division of the National League (NL). On the 4th, with 26 wins and 33 losses (0.441 win rate), they were in 4th place, 6 games behind the leader, so they overturned 6 games in 15 days.

Cincinnati was expected to focus on upbringing rather than grades this year. In 2021, it recorded 83 wins and 79 losses (0.512 win rate), but it was a natural prospect because it was Cincinnati that put out the main players as it crashed to 62 wins and 100 losses (0.383 win rate) last year.

However, the prospects who gave them a chance made a smooth landing and quickly transformed into a force that could not be ignored. In particular, Ya Soo-jin’s growth together is frightening.

Spencer Steer (25), who has entered his second year of debut, Jonathan India (26), and TJ Friedle (27), who are in their third year of debut, are performing well together, and even newcomers Matt McClane (23) and Ellie De La Cruz (21) We are growing as the main axis of the team.

Cincinnati players cheering after beating Colorado. Photo = AP Yonhap News
With Cincinnati’s progress, winning the NL Central Division has become difficult to predict. With the exception of the St. Louis Cardinals, who lag behind in last place, every team has a chance to win. The ride from 1st to 4th is 3.5 games, so 1-2 times in the series can reverse the ranking.

Cincinnati, who put out players as a ‘seller’ at the trade deadline last year, declared a ‘buyer’ this year, and the NL Central District fell into chaos with Cincinnati’s rise.

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