The decision power of the ‘Iksoo Ball’ that was regrettable… What FC Seoul expects from Hwang Eui-jo

FC Seoul dreams of another ‘beautiful companion’ with Hwang Eui-jo.

FC Seoul officially announced the signing of Hwang Eui-jo on the 5th. It is a short-term rental contract like when Hwang In-beom wore a Seoul uniform last season. Seoul announced that it decided to recruit Hwang Eui-jo under the judgment that, like Hwang In-beom’s precedent, he would be able to create a positive synergistic effect for both the club and the players. Hwang Eui-jo has been participating in the second winter battery training in Seoul, which took place in Kagoshima, Japan, from the 6th.

What Seoul expects from Hwang Ui-jo is, of course, scoring. Seoul scored 43 goals in the league last season, ending the season with the lowest score in the league following Seongnam FC, leaving a sense of regret. In particular, the problem of decision-making caught my ankle. According to the 2022 K-League Technical Report, Seoul left a figure of 50.8 in the expected score (xG), but the actual score was only 43 goals. The expected score was 6th in the league, but the actual score was 11th in the league. Also, Seoul was the team with the largest difference (7.8) between expected and actual goals. 온라인카지노

‘Iksu Ball’ showed a certain degree of completion, so the lack of decisiveness was felt all the more regrettable. Last season, Seoul ranked first in the league in pass, front pass, defense area pass, and central area pass records, and the pressure intensity index also showed the second highest in the league after champions Ulsan Hyundai. On the other hand, his ability to score and score goals was poor. Coach Ahn Ik-soo’s ‘Iksu Ball’, which runs the game based on possession and organic movement, had difficulty in taking the most important ‘point’.

Hwang Ui-jo is a player who can solve Seoul’s problems. Seoul has good reason to put its hopes on Hwang Ui-jo. Hwang Ui-jo suffered a slump at Olympiacos before joining Seoul, but he showed off his excellent scoring sense by scoring double-digit league goals for two consecutive seasons in Bordeaux during the French Ligue 1. He is also a player who has been recognized for his skills to the extent that he has been a national striker for a long time, participating in 53 A matches and scoring 16 goals.

If Hwang Eui-jo shows a good performance in Seoul, he has no choice but to be good for himself. As Seoul said when Hwang Eui-jo was recruited, Hwang Ui-jo plans to use his joining Seoul as an opportunity to make a second leap forward in his football career and once again aim to advance to Europe. As his rental status, it is possible enough if he shakes off his sluggish performance at Olympiacos in the K-League.

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