The greatest one-two punch needs time… Luka Doncic bows his head after the match

“The last scene, it’s my fault,” Luca Doncic (Dallas) bowed his head. In terms of the value of the name alone, the first game in which the strongest one-two punch ever played together, Dallas lost.

The Dallas Mavericks lost 128-133 in a game against the Sacramento Kings in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Golden 1 Center on the 12th (Korean time).

It was the first match. The day, which was the first game between Dallas superstar duo Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, drew keen attention from NBA fans around the world. Looking at the name value of the one-two punch, former

Dallas coach Jason Kidd said, “Donchichi is the best ball handler in the league right now, and Irving is second. These two players came to play together,” expressing expectations for the newly formed one-two punch.

The first meeting of the two players, who are splendid and specialized in 1:1 attacks, but worry about whether they can coexist due to the long holding time at the same time. Unfortunately, Dallas’ winning streak, which had been running for 3 consecutive wins, was cut short in that game. I could see the explosive synergy of the two players, but at the same time, the need to organize traffic was clearly felt.

Doncic and Irving, who scored 27 and 28 points, respectively. With Dallas trailing 126-129 with 15 seconds left in overtime, Dallas’ sideline out-of-bounds pattern developed. The part where the most rapid rise was expected with the addition of Irving, the master of the clutch, is by far Dallas’ clutch score. However, the look that Dallas looked right before the end was the same as the existing pattern, which could not feel even 1% of the Irving recruiting effect. All out after pass to Doncic, stepback jumper after Doncic’s isolation. It missed the rim, and Irving, who led the team in overtime, had no choice but to stand like a folding screen at the end of the game. 바카라

After the match, Doncic told ESPN, “It’s my fault. I should have given the ball to Kairi in the last situation,” he said. “It is still a learning time for me. Even so, I should have given the ball to Irving. My fingertips were really hot at the end of the game… Today’s defeat is my responsibility,” he said, bowing his head.

One-two Punch boasts an all-time great name. His firepower also stood out, and the increase in attack power was clearly felt. But he seemed to need some traffic control. Through pattern play, the two players seemed to need an attack setting to demonstrate their power together, and it seemed that the two players needed time to adapt to each other. It was a game with great implications for Dallas’ new one-two punch.

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