The hidden shadow of the football association’s amnesty, the monster of election populism

 More important than the superficial description of incidents and thoughts is the meaning hidden in the context and the interpretation of the essence hidden behind the phenomenon. The view that history is not a fact but a fact is also an extension of that perception. The reason why it is necessary to properly understand the nature of the accident is that it is highly likely to lead to a history of regression. In that respect, the recent amnesty of the Korea Football Association (Chairman Chung Mong-gyu) is full of questions. Although the association’s pardon caused public outrage and was withdrawn after three days, there is no explanation as to why the pardon was carried out, which was out of line with national sentiment. The general opinion of experts is that there was a hidden ulterior motive, and there is some inconvenience in revealing the reason.

Let’s synthesize the fragmented information and메이저사이트 put the fragmented pictures together one by one. What is the hidden essence of the amnesty that ended in three days? On the 28th of last month, the association announced an amnesty for 100 soccer players who had been disciplined for various reasons, but held an emergency board of directors three days later and withdrew it when public opinion was saturated. And then the answer is silence. The fact that the association is consistent in a ‘silent mode’ despite numerous suspicions rising like a haze is proof that a lot is hidden in this situation. In general, it would be correct to say that these problems are related to the head of the organization.

Chung Mong-gyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, seems to be surrounded by all sorts of bad news recently. It is the edge of a precipice. First of all, it is a message from officials that the president showed great dislike for the government while drinking high blood after starting to attract the Asian Cup, which he expressed interest in. To make matters worse, Chairman Chung’s company, HDC Hyundai Development Company, was criticized by public opinion for the collapse of an apartment building in Hwajeong-dong, Gwangju in 2022, so it is assumed that businessmen must have been very anxious. The abnormal signs (?) biting his tail after advancing to the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup must have played a part in amplifying this anxiety. Chairman Chung was not even invited to the national team welcome dinner presided over by the president, and moreover, the meaningful remarks thrown by the president became a sharp dagger and pierced his heart. The president’s direct blow to the association, saying, “We need to see if the national team players are properly compensated at the World Cup,” has given rise to various interpretations. Surprised by the nuance that the association deprived the players of what they should have received, Chairman Chung immediately offered 2 billion won of his own money as encouragement money.

Summarizing the fragmented information, the association’s football amnesty, which ended with the ‘Three Day Happening’, is gathered as a speculation that it may be related to the difficult situation of Chairman Chung and the election of the next president if the target is narrowed down. As the abnormal current was so strong that Chairman Chung himself felt intuition, many people saw that he desperately needed a card (?) to win the favor of soccer people in the next presidential election. So, the diagnosis of experts is that 100 footballers who were far from national sentiment were pardoned. There is no field more sensitive to the movement of power than the sports world. Considering that Chairman Chung has been hated by the government, and furthermore by the president, it is highly likely that the opposition has shown a move to actively use it in the electoral district for the next president. Accordingly, the prevailing interpretation is that Chairman Chung needed a card to regain popularity that could buy the hearts of soccer players, and that led to the footballer’s amnesty.

Chairman Chung may have come up with populism that can win the hearts of soccer players as a last resort, as the election for the president of the association has changed to a large-scale electoral college system. Even if it is not Chairman Chung himself, it is highly likely that people on the side of Chairman Chung encouraged the amnesty card because they can maintain power only if he is reappointed. The election for the next president is still more than a year away, but the prevailing view is that the current situation is so bad that special measures are needed. The head of the Korea Football Association is known as the yolk in the sports world. This is because the Korea Football Association is virtually the only organization among member organizations of the Korea Sports Association that can set up its own budget without paying attention to the sports association. As it is a huge organization with a solid financial independence and an annual budget approaching 100 billion won, the position of the head of the Football Association is a position that many people covet.

The challenge of the opposing forces against the long run of the modern family is also formidable. Since 1997, when Chairman Chung Mong-joon became the 48th head of the Korea Football Association, Hyundai has been monopolizing the Football Association president for 27 years. This is one of the other factors that add to the sense of crisis to Chairman Chung Mong-gyu. Chairman Chung is carrying out the third chairmanship following the inauguration of the 52nd chairman in 2013, but the fact that he is below expectations in terms of international diplomacy is also a weakness. As if he himself was trying to make up for this, he recently ran for the International Football Federation (FIFA) council member election, but failed again to enter the FIFA executive branch because he failed to fulfill his will. It’s like all sorts of bad things come together.

Many people claim that populism has pushed South Korean politics into a mud fight. It seems most likely that this incident is a product of populism with the next election in mind. It is heartbreaking to think that populism has even crossed over into the election for the head of the Korea Football Association. He lost the hearts of the people while trying to win votes. It is bittersweet that the monster called election populism, the hidden black silhouette of the Football Association Amnesty, is roaming the soccer world.

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