‘The last piece for Juventus’ Pogba flew again… Career break level

Juventus’ full attacking team has 토토사이트been disbanded. Paul Pogba returns from injury after two games. There is no firmness of the heyday. Now, the nickname ‘glass body’ suits her better.

Pogba returned to Juventus from Manchester United this season. However, he was sidelined due to a knee injury during the preseason. He also abandoned the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, he returned to action in the Serie A round 24 home match against Torino last month. Following this, he also played an active part in the 25th round match against AS Roma. But both matches are over. He recently suffered an adductor muscle injury during team training. He won’t be on the ground for at least 3 weeks.

Juventus had high hopes for Pogba’s return. This is because it was the last puzzle of the attacking team conceived ahead of this season. He believed that if Doosan Blahovic in the front line, Federico Chiesa in the second line, Adrien Rabiot, Philippe Costicchi, Angel Dimaria, etc., and Pogba joined, the ‘legendary attacking team’ he dreamed of would be completed.

However, Pogba became a ‘salary lupine’ at Juventus. At the same time as the transfer, he missed half of the season and was injured again. The attitude towards the team is also on the cutting board. In the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 against Freiburg on the 9th, he was late for a team meeting, and manager Massimiliano Allegri excluded Pogba from the list, saying it was “a matter of respect for the players and the team.”

Juventus fans and local media are sending cold eyes towards Pogba. Gazzetta dello Sport carefully raised the possibility of contract termination, saying, “Juventus is tired of Pogba. After the season, we will seriously consider Pogba’s future.”

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