The ‘shaken friendship’ of Jangchung High School classmates… “I will never look at you”

Hwang Jun-seo, the ‘biggest left-hander’, won the honor of being selected first overall in the professional baseball rookie draft. Four pitchers from Jangchung High School, including Hwang Jun-seo, were called up among the 11th overall, but they have already declared that they will not look at them.
This is reporter Kim Han-jun.

▶ Interview: Son Hyuk / Hanwha Eagles General Manager
– “For the Hanwha Eagles, this is Hwang Jun-seo, a pitcher from Jangchung High School.”

The first overall pick in the KBO rookie draft was Hwang Jun-seo of Jangchung High School.

Hwang Jun-seo, who throws up to 150 km with his left hand, has been evaluated as a top prospect since his second year in high school.

▶ Interview: Hwang Jun-seo / Hanwha Eagles pitcher
– “I was nervous because I didn’t know until the end (whether he would be the first overall pick), but I think the moment I heard about it, the tension eased a lot.”

Incheon High School’s Kim Taek-yeon, considered the best right-handed pitcher in high school, wore the Doosan uniform as the second overall pick.

Hwigun Kim, a right-handed pitcher from Whimoon High School who was selected 5th overall, revealed that he is from Changwon and is an NC fan, and said he would dedicate himself to the team.

▶ Interview: Hwigeon Kim / NC Dinos Pitcher
– “When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a baseball player while watching the NC Dinos. I will sacrifice my right arm for the NC Dinos.”

In this year’s draft, four pitchers from Jangchung High School were selected among the top 11 picks in the first and second rounds, and they have already shown a sense of rivalry.

▶ Interview: Kim Yun-ha / Kiwoom Heroes pitcher
바카라사이트“We were close friends and good classmates in high school, but since we are competitors, I will never look down on you and do my best to deal with you.”

Whimoon High School outfielder Seung-min Lee, son of LG’s legendary Samsung coach Lee Byeong-gyu, was nominated to SSG, not LG.

This is Hanjun Kim from MBN News.

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