The shocking defeat of Changwon, the more serious thing is the war of nerves between Lee Kwan-hee and Perry… LG, eventually upset if there is no solution 

The shocking defeat of Changwon, and more serious than that, is the dissonance between Lee Kwan-hee and Reggie Perry.

Changwon LG lost 91-92, come-from-behind, in the second leg of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball semifinal playoff against Seoul SK held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th. After the first round, he was unable to overcome the last hurdle once again.

1 loss that was obtained without being able 바카라사이트to keep only 0.6 seconds until the end of the game, this loss led to a 0% (0/28) chance of advancing to the championship match. More than anything, it is more regrettable that we did not win a single win in a home room filled with home fans who were thirsty for spring basketball.

In fact, there is a more serious problem than LG’s defeat in Changwon. The two players who should lead the team to victory, Lee Kwan-hee and Perry, were engaged in a battle of nerves throughout the game. Even in a situation where they were leading against SK, they only irritated each other and made a double line of defeat.

On this day, Lee Kwan-hee and Perry showed good performance. In particular, Perry seemed to have adapted perfectly after his second game at KBL. He induced a foul with a decent break and his mid-range jumper was accurate. Although Lee Kwan-hee’s Yatoo condition was not perfect, he attacked SK’s rim with speed and finishing ability.

Could it be that the energy levels of the two players were too high? In the second half, Lee Kwan-hee didn’t give Perry a pass, and Perry didn’t give Lee a pass at all. Lee Kwan-hee expressed his dissatisfaction directly to Perry, and Perry did not seem to care about it.

The battle of nerves between Lee Kwan-hee and Perry, which started in the middle of the 3rd quarter, didn’t stop until LG was overturned by SK. There were even appearances of players around Lee Jae-do and Kim Jun-il stopping Lee Kwan-hee. These uneasy scenes eventually led to both Lee Kwan-hee and Perry being isolated, and LG was also unable to maintain a good rhythm for a long time.

Even in the showdown with Jameel Warney, it was Perry who was not pushed at all. Perhaps LG needed to actively use him to win the second game. However, domestic players of LG were passive. In the end, Perry only attempted an unreasonable one-on-one attack until a great chase unfolded at the end of the game. It was the moment LG allowed a 75-75 tie, and Perry protested harshly for not being called a foul, and received a technical foul.

This cacophony of LG was the opposite of SK, who helped Warney attack from his favorite position through precise patterns and passing play. LG was no different from missing the game itself.

Of course, it is not impossible to understand LG, coach Cho Sang-hyun and players. In a situation where he had adapted to the motion offense centered on Asem Marey throughout the regular season, it was difficult to improve the completeness of tactics and strategies tailored to Perry in a short period of time. Perry also seemed used to holding the ball and finishing the attack rather than motion offense. It was typical G-League style basketball. More than half of the 31 points scored in the second game came through this process. It is only natural that Perry, who plays a different basketball by himself, and Lee Kwan-hee, who has led the team throughout the season, have conflicts. It is just a tragedy that it became the direct cause of the defeat in the second game.

If you lose just one more time, LG will upset you, that is, go crazy. Coach Cho has to come up with a solution to the problems that arose through the second game. In the end, if Lee Kwan-hee and Perry’s dissonance cannot be resolved, there is a high possibility that the outcome of the third match will not change.In the playoffs, ‘one team’, one team can win. The current LG is not one.

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