WBC Home Run King’s Shocking Rest, “Almost Over Lee Seung-yeop,” hit 400 billion won, but what’s wrong with this

Who expected this man’s ordeal. After the end of last season, he reigned as the “biggest fish” in the FA market, hitting a huge jackpot worth about 400 billion won with Hanwha, and leading the U.S. national team to second place by exploding five home runs at the World Baseball Classic (WBC). However, in the regular season, it is far below expectations. The team, which was also the favorite to win, is also underperforming.메이저놀이터

The Philadelphia Phillies challenged the “grand championship” this season with a valuable result of finishing second in the World Series last year. Philadelphia, which knocked on the FA market, showed its firm determination to win the World Series by signing a mega-contract with Trey Turner (31), one of the biggest fish, for an 11-year total of $300 million (about 395.4 billion won).

Turner hit five home runs in the WBC, showing off his good batting sense, raising Philadelphia’s expectations. Turner’s five home runs were the most tie-breaking record in the WBC tournament, which was on par with Lee Seung-yeop in 2006.

Turner, who hit five home runs in six games in the WBC, has only hit four home runs in 45 games in the regular season. batting average of .257, on-base percentage.300, slugging percentage.His performance of 393 four home runs, 10 RBIs and five steals is not what Philadelphia wants or is worth $300 million.

In the end, Philadelphia also gave Turner a break, who was less than expected. Turner missed the game against the Chicago Cubs on the 21st (Korea Standard Time). Philadelphia coach Rob Thompson said, “It’s just to give Turner a break for a while,” adding, “He decided that it was best to take a day off while practically training with batting coach Kevin Long in the batting cage.” This means that Philadelphia also sees Turner’s sluggishness as unusual.

CBS Sports in the U.S. cited Turner’s sluggish performance as one of the factors that Philadelphia is showing below expectations with 22 wins and 24 losses on the 23rd. The media said, “Turners are similar to the appearance of a player under pressure. He swung 38 percent on a ball that came out of the strike zone, the highest number in his career, leading to a 27.1 percent chance of striking out. This is also the highest number since his Major League debut, he said. “There have been several mistakes in defense.” “As the season progresses, it’s not getting better, but getting worse,” he pointed out.

Turner’s revival is absolutely necessary for Philadelphia to rebound as well. “When Turner returns to his place, he is a player who can play the role of a game changer with baseball with the best power and speed,” CBS Sports said. “Turner’s performance is essential for Philadelphia’s successful season.”

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